“JABS ARMY” – British Newspaper Recruiting 50,000 Volunteers To Help Inject 15,000,000 Brits By Spring

“THE Sun urges our fantastic readers today to join a “Jabs Army” of volunteers to help get millions of Brits vaccinated rapidly against Covid.

So many of us have longed to play a more active role in beating this terrible disease. Now, on this first day of a new year and a new era for Britain, we can.

Through this major Sun campaign, backed by the NHS and the Government, you can join 50,000 volunteers in a crucial job . . . helping to run pop-up medical centres designed to immunise 15 million people by March.

It is a vast logistical challenge which needs YOU, as a Steward Volunteer, to keep it running smoothly and safely.

We are primarily funded by readers. Please subscribe and donate to support us!

This will be the year we conquer Covid. The Sun’s Jabs Army can play a key part.

Stars and health chiefs last night backed our call for Sun readers to join”





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