JAIL orders increasing across country for those out during Covid-19 outbreak! Texas special agents checking in on quarantine orders! & much more!

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As far as jailings go here’s updated info:

“Residents of Washington, D.C., could be jailed for up to 90 days if they violate the city’s strict stay-at-home order announced Monday — the latest in a series of increasingly tough measures taken across the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“Any individual who willfully violates the stay-at-home order may be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, subject to a fine not exceeding $5,000, imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or both,” the order says.

“We have to enforce orders, or they are worthless,” the mayor told D.C. Council members before she announced the order”

“Similar punishments were also announced Monday by Gov. Larry Hogan for the state of Maryland. California meanwhile threatens up to six month in jail, Michigan threatens up to 90 days, while Oregon threatens up to 30 days in jail. Alaska and Hawaii include the possibility of up to a year in jail for those who break those states’ orders.”


Getting crazy in Texas too;
Texas executive order the other day, locking down state boarders, forced quarantines, roadside inspections.
You will also see that in order that “special agents” will be doing unannounced visits to quarantine locations. If you dont comply is a criminal offense punishable by fine and jail.
Sounds crazy but is true all in the Executive order.

Found here: 

Part of executive order mentioning “special agents” unannounced visits to ordered quarantine locations:

It is crazy town all over…

In area of Florida this going on per order from Judge:

Court proceedings that will continue to be held are limited to those deemed “mission critical” as defined by the Order:

o) Violations of quarantine or isolation orders;
p) Violations of orders to limit travel;
q) Violations of orders to close public or private buildings;
r) Seizure of bodily fluids;
s) Mandatory vaccinations proceedings;
t) Enforcement of curfew orders;
u) Extraordinary writs;
v) Any other “emergency” proceedings or hearings as authorized by the Chief Judge.
l) Proceedings involving requests for “do not resuscitate” orders;

Again sounds crazy but is real, can find documents to it in this thread



This is becoming more of a reality…

We are at the brink folks, there ain’t much time left.

What they aren’t telling you I think part of all these jailing orders are to discourage people from going out and rioting and protesting.

Oh you are out of work, can’t pay bills etc? Well shut up and stay locked down somewhere or else you will jailed!

Just think a whole group of people protesting can be jailed for breaking “social distancing” orders.

The perfect plan.
We are screwed.


h/t Flying Poptart


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