Janice Dean: Cuomo’s Nursing Home Policy Killed My In-Laws

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Janice Dean: COVID-19 killed my in-laws after Cuomo’s reckless New York nursing home policy
At first we didn’t blame anyone for my in-laws’ deaths. This is a pandemic, after all. Then we learned about a policy that put them in danger.
By Janice Dean, Opinion contributor | July 22, 2020

(usatoday.com) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s motto during the coronavirus pandemic has always been “New York Tough.”

It’s the title of the new poster he commissioned and is selling to commemorate what appears to be his own personal journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But when it comes to tough questions about his leadership during this time, Cuomo has shown he isn’t so tough after all. In fact, he prefers to place blame on anyone but himself for the disastrous decisions he’s made.

Last week, the governor held a press conference to reveal his poster. It’s a picture of a mountain that represents the deadly “curve” found on a graph depicting more than 32,000 deaths in New York state. There are plenty of inside jokes on his mountain of death including a cartoon drawing of presumably his daughter’s boyfriend hanging off a cliff, the governor’s fancy sports car that he likes to pose with on Instagram and a giant nose with a cotton swab inside of it. That is, apparently, a nod to an insensitive, giggling interview involving a giant cotton swab he did with his brother on CNN around the height of the pandemic in May.

My family didn’t have to die

Many of us aren’t laughing. My husband’s parents died of coronavirus in their elder care facilities. We lost his dad in late March and his mom two weeks later. My family wasn’t able to see them before they died, they weren’t given last rites, wakes, or funerals. They died alone.

Mickey and Dee Newman spent their entire lives in Brooklyn. They were true New Yorkers. Mickey was a retired New York City Fire Department firefighter who served in the U.S. Air Force. Dee helped raised three kids and was a devoted grandmother. They lived in a four story walk up in Brooklyn for 50 years, until their health deteriorated and they required constant care. They died only a few months after being placed in their elderly care homes. Not a day goes by where we don’t think of them.


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Fox News’ Janice Dean Calls Gov Cuomo ‘As Weak As They Come’ on Coronavirus Response
By Lindsey Ellefson | July 22, 2020

(thewrap.com) – Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean attacked New York governor Andrew Cuomo Wednesday, calling for an investigation into his handling of nursing homes amid the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Dean, whose mother-in-law and father-in-law died of coronavirus in one of the state’s elder care facilities, penned an op-ed for USA Today, ripping the governor for his bantering appearances on brother Chris Cuomo’s CNN program and “New York tough” messaging.

“At first, we didn’t blame anyone for their deaths,” she wrote of her in-laws. “This is a pandemic, and the virus is particularly dangerous for the elderly. Then we learned about the Cuomo administration’s March 25 order that recovering coronavirus patients be placed into nursing homes. The mandate also barred nursing homes from requiring incoming patients ‘to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.’”

Dean slammed Cuomo for the order, which lasted 46 days, and called attention to the fact that over 6,500 New York seniors have died of the virus in elder care facilities. She also faulted the media — not just CNN, but “Good Morning America” and People Magazine, among others — for doing “puff pieces” on Cuomo that didn’t touch on the nursing home subject.



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