JAW DROPPING $1 Billion In Social Security Gone — Americans Robbed!

No one listened when the sheriff from Arizona said Obama wasn’t American, but they will start hearing what is being said now when the check stops coming. Obama had a good time and like all house Negros, they take the fall for their master. Who was the master of Obama?
How many vacations did the Obama’s take that was other peoples money? The Obama’s aren’t alone – history says Americans have been robbed since the first “8” presidents before George Washington. History also seems to imply, that every American is a slave – are they? Pedophiles rule the world – how much longer can they keep their slaves in positions of power? How much longer can the fake news stories and sports keep the masses distracted? Where is the missing social security money? Same place as the $8.6 Trillion the Pentagon said it lost – an account in an offshore bank??

Obama’s aren’t needed anymore and those that once supported them, are now turning away from the family that had a good time on American taxpayers. Obama Forced To Leave Washington Once And For All

Only a master could bring down a man who served two terms as the U.S. president. History shows that every word in the video that is attacking Obama that was posted in January 2017 is now happening. Obama’s, the family of color taking the fall for doing what they were told to do.
Jan. 2017 – Obama Removed From Private Club After Repulsed Members See What He Did

Knowing as much of the truth is possible in order for one to come to their own opinion. How could the Jewish videographer bash Obama when his top adviser and always by his side Valerie Jarrett was Jewish. Why isn’t she mentioned? How much longer can the illusion last on the humans who can’t see through the screens of deception? Shocking News From The Pentagon! Obama’s Chief Advisor Valerie Jarrett’s Real Identity Revealed – What do you really know?
Valerie Jarrett ~ The Iranian Islamo-Commie Plant in the White House!


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18 thoughts on “JAW DROPPING $1 Billion In Social Security Gone — Americans Robbed!”

    • Bingo! That Red State shill always uses the all caps headlines like:
      I usually see links here on Mike Rivero’s site and can just avoid the clickbait.
      Why is it so hard to find the truth anymore? Disqus keeps upvotes and replies from me, I get hammered with “Pending” at a lot of sites for truthful comments, not angry stuff??

  1. People are gonna choke big time on this nugget of truth….so disgusting they WILL NEVER eat it/ accept it willingly, but that is how truth is these days. Eat up folks, you have a big nasty schit sandwich to get through.

    • Having something to eat is socialism! Hey, American – you don’t want your CEO suffer from not having his villas and private jets? After all if you work – hahaha – hard enough you can accomplish that too. Or for the religious freak, those who will suffer in their current live will have a better after live.

  2. we dare you to stop social security insurance we paid for, the resulting revolution will strip the Isralies of all cash and the JEWS will come for you gov.pukes.

    • Since a great majority of people in the US are a paycheck or two from utter desparation they may jump on the FEMA buses to save their butts rather then fight back.
      The sociopaths, while evil as can be, are brilliant in their control of us using all the tricks from Freud, Skinner, Pavlov, and even Bernays. We find it repulsive to acknowledge but we are as trainable as a monkey in a lab.

      • I’m sure that Tavistock et. al. have very advanced software based on the monkeys you mention that hold the solutions to any problem that they may face from us plebes. Even the most aware of us seem to resemble a hamster on a treadmill. The solution to this is very clear to me. It is becoming clear to many others. They sense this. Their ‘brilliance’ is nothing but psychopathic manipulation that is easily defeated if only the lion had a heart. Doesn’t matter. Fukushima was an ELE.

        • I agree with their ability to sense the change but their sociopathic egos are very fragile when it comes to being challenged. Sort of like the Israeli “Sampson Option” or the weird boyfriend who tells his babe, “If I can’t have you, no one can.”
          Not sure what ELE is??


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