Jeremy Grantham says 1929 crash is coming quickly.

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I’d be interested in hearing from some of you out there with “a head for finance.” I’m not a complete nincompoop in these regards, but I have to admit I’m somewhat in the dark about what might be coming or not coming.

This 38-minute interview with Jeremy Grantham, co-founder and chief investment strategist of Boston’s GMO, makes a lot of sense – to the point where I’m now actively wondering about a lot of things.

I’m right now selling my house and moving into another one next month. Most of my money is tied up in real estate. Is this unwise? Should I get out of home ownership entirely, and sink everything into gold or silver? I expect I’m far too late to that party. Same with crypto.

Which leaves me wondering: What does your typical educated, middle-class person do right now, coming into a possible economic apocalypse on the scale of 1929? Obviously just holding $$ in various bank accounts is stupid, but what then?

Do you guys and gals think we’re DEFINITELY going to see an economic collapse? If so, when? Like, within the next year or two? Or, like, “down the road”? At present, I’m frozen in place – not knowing which way to go.


h/t Mordy McButtish

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