Jerome Corsi claims we have a Criminal Department of Justice.

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He spells it out clearly, he had no involvement with Julian Assange and the emails were stolen by Seth Rich and sent to Assange, and he knew that through his own investigation.

1. OAN EXCLUSIVE – Mueller extends plea bargain of a SINGLE COUNT OF PERJURY to author Jerome Corsi for what Corsi says is a faulty memory, not willfully and knowingly lying. Corsi calls Mueller’s tactics “GESTAPO” like.

See also is a Fraud & Possible Criminal Organization

2. OAN EXCLUSIVE – Investigative Journalist Jerome Corsi is preparing to file a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT against Mueller’s Investigation with acting Attorney General WHITAKER.

See also  As civil asset forfeiture surpasses criminal theft FBI now seizing millions from safety deposit boxes without warrants. Who are the real crooks?

3. OAN EXCLUSIVE – Corsi expected to REJECT Mueller’s extended single count of perjury. Expect the 72 year old Corsi to respond with a soon to be released book highlighting special counsel Mueller’s “GESTAPO” tactics.

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