Jim Cramer WARNS: The Stock Market Could CRASH! – Why This Bubble Is DANGEROUS

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the warning Jim Cramer of Mad Money just put forward despite years of being largely wrong. This time Cramer is saying something logical. Watch out for the stock market!

During one of his latest shows, Cramer urged investors not to be fooled by all time highs as millions are going homeless, millions are losing their jobs, thousands of small businesses are running out of cash and closing their doors, there’s no reason to be bullish going into the end of 2020. The only reason the stock market is looking good is because the Federal Reserve is printing trillions and is also buying bonds in huge numbers.

When push comes to shove and the currency being printed ends up liquid, a rude awakening is coming.

While one would usually be better off not doing what Jim Cramer says, he’s not wrong about the concerning signals the stock market is giving off.

Tim explains the issue at hand and gives people some idea as to what they can do to save themselves in his opinion.



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