Jim Rogers 2022- The Worst Bear Market is Coming

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Highlights from the interview:

Is this going to be the #WorstBearMarket in history?

Is there anything the Federal Reserve can do about it? Will they be able to avoid a major bear market if they cease printing money?

Is there anything we can do about the alarming developments in China’s real estate market, as well as the risk of contagion for Chinese and international banks as a result?

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What is Jim Rogers’ take on the current state of the #ChineseEconomy?

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What is the best way to protect yourself from this bear market?

Is now a good time to invest in gold and silver?

Will the Fed’s series of interest rate hikes have a significant impact on stock markets?

Is China’s central bank’s digital coin a new dimension in the Chinese yuan’s bid to compete as a reserve currency with the US dollar?

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00:00- Intro
00:54- Worst Bear Market is Coming
02:17- The Fed’s role in coming bear market
05:39- Current Chinese Economy
08:42- How can we protect yourselves
09:14- Is it a good time to buy Gold and Silver?
11:00- The Future of US Dollar
12:54- Chinese Yuan Competing with US Dollar as a reserve currency
14:09- Wrap up


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