Jim Willie: Trump Holding Fauci Captive To Charge Him With Sedition Or Treason

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The economic sabotage is falling apart. The bad guys are backtracking, engaged in major damage control, and high-level players are trying to save their necks right now…

Jim Willie joined Silver Doctors on Thursday, September 10, 2020, for a robust discussion on the latest actions taken by the good guys and Team Trump to thwart the bad guys’ sabotage of the US economy and bring the traitors to justice.

Some of the topics in today’s discussion include –

There is a sabotage of the US economy currently underway, and one of the key players is Fauci?

Fauci has been taken captive by the good guys on Team Trump, is being held until justice can be served, and the Fauci we see on the television today is actually a body-double or clone?

For discussion on all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune-in to this interview in its entirety!

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