Joe Biden’s Reign of Terror Begins

by Chris Black

The Dark Brandon speech on Thursday night was an optics disaster.

However, what nobody seems to notice is that was nothing about what Biden said, but the confirmation that the Oligarchs, Bolshevik criminals, have taken complete control of the country.

They blatantly stole the Presidential election, two senate seats, and an assortment of house races just in the last election.

Prior to this, they were stealing house seats all over California.

They just stole a bunch of primary races, decided to kick candidates out for no reason, and stole an election for the US house in Alaska.

We are to believe Alaska just went blue?

The Bolsheviks are in complete control.

2020 represented the culmination of a long running Communist coup.

The USA is over, the USSA is born.

That speech was meant to look like Stalin addressing the Soviet people, because that is what it was.

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I’m sure in the first few years of the “revolution”, the Russians thought the coup wouldn’t last and the Tsars would be back.

Instead it lasted 70 years with tens of millions dead.

Look at Ukraine.

A literal dictator is in charge, has eliminated all dissent and created a singular state propaganda outlet passing itself off as news, exactly like the new United Socialist State of America.

This only ends in blood, which side has yet to be determined.

The Socialist DEMs have made their choice as to who it should be.

We are all very jaded at this point, but we should take a step back and note just how extreme it is for a US president to come out and state plainly that half the population of the country are dangerous extremists who pose an existential threat.

If this speech was given verbatim by someone in a military uniform in Asia, Eastern Europe or Latin America, what would everyone say?

“That’s a dictator planning to kill and arrest all of his opponents.”

Our despots are gay, female, nerdy looking or 100 years old. But they’re just as vicious if not more.

If your response to the president of the United States giving a very serious and historic speech declaring war on Trump and all of his supporters is to start shouting “LeTs gO bRaNdOn durrrrr,” you’re going to end up in a camp or thrown out of an airplane over the Atlantic.


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