Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Is Invested in China’s Mass Surveillance Program Used to Monitor Uyghurs

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As the United Nations accuses the Chinese government of setting up massive camps in the far-west Xinjiang province to imprison an unknown number of ethnic Uyghurs and other Muslims, Human Rights Watch reports that China is carrying out mass surveillance there using a mobile app that lets authorities monitor the Muslim population. We speak with investigative reporter Lee Fang about an unexpected investor in Chinese surveillance: Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. And we speak with Human Rights Watch China director Sophie Richardson.

When I saw the headline, the first thing I said was, “Of course he is.” What a shock the son of the guy who helped build the war on drug, wrote the 1994 crimes bill, and also authored the Patriot Act, would be invested in China’s mass surveillance program.

Here is Lee Fang’s article on the topic –


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