Joe Kennedy III Wants To Throw Disabled People In Prison For Cannabis – THE TRUTH (Freedom Minute)

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In this short live video update, Josh Sigurdson reports on the truth about Joe Kennedy III following his terrible counter speech to Trump’s State Of The Union address.
Something that perhaps not too many people are aware of is that the Democrat congressman is viciously anti-cannabis. So much so that he’s voted to allow the DEA to prosecute and sentence medical cannabis patients. He’s voted three times to restrict improving veteran access to cannabis. He’s even voted against kids using non-psychoactive cannabis in order to treat their epilepsy.
THIS is the guy the democrats put forward? This 1920s democrat mixed with over the top socialist views?
Well, we suppose it doesn’t really matter. Statism will be statism and politics will be buried in no time. People are waking up.
By the way, why is Joe Kennedy running for a party that offed half of his family? Seems strange.

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