Joe Rogan Shows How To Interview CNN


The mainstream media seems baffled by its sudden loss of both popularity and credibility. But it shouldn’t be. All someone from CNN or MSNBC or Fox has to do is watch one of their own shows, then immediately pull up something by Matt Taibbi or Glenn Greenwald. The difference between real journalism — defined as an objective search for truth whatever the consequence — and today’s focus-grouped, agenda-driven “news” will be pretty obvious.

Here’s a classic example: Podcaster Joe Rogan just interviewed CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta for three hours. No executive committee or CIA spook gave Rogan his talking points or put any subject off-limits. He went in with his own questions and insisted that they be answered.

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CNN immediately realized that exposing one of its people to an actual journalist is a potentially catastrophic mistake. See how they try to convert  “lack of preparation” into “nuance”:

If the corporate media — and the political class, public health officials, and Big Pharma CEOs — want to regain their credibility, they might do well to skip the Sunday morning network news and sit down with the emerging leaders in the news biz.


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