Joe Rogan: Twitter Has Been ‘Curated by a Bunch of Dorks,’ Says He Gained 700k Followers Since Musk Made Purchase Deal (VIDEO)

Joe Rogan recently roasted Twitter employees and said that he has gained 700,000 followers since Elon Musk made the deal to purchase the company.
Rogan said that the platform is being “curated by a bunch of dorks,” during a conversation with author Hotep Jesus.

“It’s funny with Elon buying Twitter,” his guest said. “I’m happy he did — I just think the deal’s still gotta be finalized, but something changed at Twitter. I think the people that were in charge of shadowbanning and censoring must have left or something.”

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“I think that’s probably very likely!” Rogan replied. “Like is he — they do sell it, it’s time to clean house now. Did you see the difference in engagement?”

His guest replied, “That’s what exactly what I was about to say! Bro, I’m like, wait, I was shadowbanned this whole time. Like my engagement is like ten times now.”


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