Joe Rogan Under Massive Attack by His Own Fans After Interview With Jack Dorsey That They Say Exposes Him as a Twitter Shill SellOut

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Joe Rogan Experience #1236 – Jack Dorsey


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Mark Dice’s and Sargon of Akkad’s comments both being deleted.

“Georgi Georgiev
1 hour ago
Mark Dice’s deleted comment”

2 hours ago
Sargon of Akkad’s comment with over 1800 likes just vanished!”

***UPDATE #1***

4 hours ago
I have been scrolling through these comments for the last 20 minutes, and I have not yet seen one single positive or supportive comment; they are ALL negative, without exception. It takes real skill to anger your fan base this much with just one video, and have them turn against you with such fury and ferocity.

This just goes to show how hated Jack Dorsey is, and also how spineless and unprincipled Joe Rogan is. Joe has been complaining about the unfairness and abuse of power at Twitter for a very long time, but then he did nothing but kiss Dorsey’s ass during this sham of an interview. When even a fence-sitting wimp like Tim Pool publicly says: “Jack Dorsey is a duplicitous snake, I hate the man!”, then you know just how awful a human being we are dealing with.

I will never trust Joe Rogan again. This video was an absolute disgrace.

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***UPDATE #2***

Fat Man on JR for what its worth.


h/t KOS-MOS 


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