John Hinderaker On The Minneapolis Anti-Trump Riot

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How Evil Is the Left? This Evil. Video at the link. “Trump supporters were assaulted, their vehicles were blocked, police officers and police horses were attacked, and so on. This video, filmed by Alpha News, shows how violent and disgusting the ‘protest’ by liberal Democrats was. . . . While not a single Democrat has condemned the lawless violence that liberals perpetrated in the streets of Minneapolis, they have heaped vicious vituperation on the Trump supporters who peacefully and happily participated in the Target Center rally. Which leads one to wonder: is there, anymore, any such thing as a moderate Democrat?”

Hinderaker emails: “Some of the injured people are trying to identify perpetrators they may be able to sue. We have a public interest firm here that is ready to take such cases, and then use discovery to try to identify and sue the organizers of the riot.”

Meanwhile, hours ahead of time, there’s a huge crowd already waiting for the Trump rally in Dallas. Maybe Trump should repeat his Minneapolis rally, and invite some Texans up, too.


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