John Kelly Tells A G Sessions His Job Is Safe From President Trump – Larry Klayman Asks Trump To Appoint Him Special Counsel To Prosecute Clinton – Sessions Must Resign.

by Ruby Henley
The American people have been betrayed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, so it is time to move on.  In fact, there is no time to waste.  There is too much work to be done right now, and Larry Klayman is the one man who knows that. He says Attorney General Jeff Sessions is afraid to move forward to do the right thing, as he fears Mueller.  Jason Chaffetz says Sessions has told him point blank he will not prosecute Clinton.
Chaffetz told Judge Jeanine,  “while I was in Congress and the Chairman of the Oversight Committee, I did go over and visit with Attorney General Sessions and it was one of the most frustrating discussions I had, because whether it was the IRS, Fast and Furious, the email scandal that we went through, I did not see the Attorney General willing to just let Lady Justice administer justice and then follow through. I understood maybe the last six months of the Obama Administration.  He basically let me know he wasn’t going to pursue anything on the major cases.”
As Judge Jeanine was shocked and irate, Chaffetz went on to say, Sessions said no to the email scandal on Hillary Clinton. Chaffetz continued that as Clinton’s staff ignored court subpoenas, Sessions looked the other way. I wondered how Clinton’s staff got away with not showing up for court even when subpoenaed – now I know.
A question begging to be asked is why did John Kelly tell Sessions his job is safe from President Trump?  I thought Kelly worked for President Trump…not the other way around.  As it turns out Sessions and Kelly are old pals, who have worked together on immigration.  Two important things Sessions has done during his time as Attorney General is to work on eliminating the MS-13 gang and his work on immigration reform.
Trump traveled to Long Island, New York, to combat the MS-13 gang at the same time Sessions was in El Salvador for events concerning the same violent cartel. Though Trump had not mentioned Sessions by name, the attorney general told The Associated Press that he hoped to remain in the post and would serve as long as Trump wanted him.
White House aide Stephen Miller, a former Sessions staffer, who has written most of Trump’s speeches on immigration, delivered a powerful case for slashing legal immigration. The proposal is unlikely to become law since it is opposed by several Republican senators, yet it is popular among much of the President’s base.
Despite of the works Sessions has done on immigration, President Trump is very upset with him, as he is doing nothing on prosecuting Clinton.  It seems to me Sessions is acting very much like the past Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Let’s look at the developing situation with Paul Manafort and his colleagues. Here is a good clip that has up-to-date information.

Is there really anything to worry about?  I think so, but it is not what you think.  I think that we should be worried, because Sessions is taking no action to fight back by prosecuting Hillary Clinton on Uranium One.  Uranium One is a case which needs to be brought to the public, and in my opinion, it created a national security risk for the United States.  It is imperative that it be brought to the American people at this very time.
How does President Trump feel about the Manafort indiction?  Trump and his aides are downplaying the significance of the charges, saying the work they did in Ukraine was unconnected to the campaign. President Trump tweeted:  “Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign.  But why aren’t Crooked Hillary and the Dems the focus?????”
Again, if Jeff Sessions lets the Uranium One deal go uninvestigated and unprosecuted, We The People lose along with President Trump.    After the State Department under Clinton signed off on the U.S. sale of one-fifth of our nation’s uranium production capacity to the Russians, millions of dollars from Russian sources connected to the Kremlin began to flow to the Clinton Foundation, and Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech in Moscow.  Coincidence?  Or criminal “pay-to-play?”
In his confirmation hearing, Sessions promised to recuse himself from any matter involving Hillary Clinton.  Therefore, before he resigns, Sessions must appoint a special counsel to reopen the Clinton investigation and decide anew whether criminal charges are merited.  If Sessions does not do the right thing and resign now, President Trump must fire him.
Back to Larry Klayman, he is the man to step in and investigate Clinton.  This is what Klayman has to say about the issue: QUOTE
These major scandals, next to the Clinton Chinagate scandal of the late 1990s, when I exposed the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics taking bribes from the communist Chinese, much like they did with the Russians — the Clinton Foundation took hundreds of millions of dollars and Bill Clinton took large bogus speaking fees from the Russians, in exchange for Bonnie, the Wicked Witch of the Left Hillary Clinton, greasing as Obama’s Secretary of State, the sale of America’s strategic reserves of uranium, are a major affront to the rule of law and imperil our survival as a free nation. Uranium, as you know, is used to build atom bombs and the Russians, after bribing the Clintons and Obama, likely peddled this uranium to the Iranians and North Koreans, as well as used the uranium to build more atomic weapons for themselves.
But the problem is that our current Attorney General, as I demonstrate in the enclosed column which I recently wrote for, is too cowardly to do his job and prosecute either the Clintons or Obamas. And, Congress will not get to the bottom of these scandals either. If the past is a prologue, the Republicans will simply use these Clinton-Obama scandals to go on Fox News and try to raise money and win reelection. In the last eight years under Obama they did not bring either the former president or those criminals around him to justice — corrupt public officials like former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, and former FBI Director James Comey.
The embedded video below on Fox News’ “Hannity” underscores why a Special Counsel now needs to be appointed, as AG Sessions is too scared he will be prosecuted by Robert Mueller for alleged Russian collusion and lying to Congress about his meetings with the Russian Ambassador during the months leading up to last fall’s presidential elections. Sessions is worried that if he goes after the Clintons and the Obamas, he will be indicted by the pro-Clinton and Obama prosecutors on Special Counsel Mueller’s conflicted staff. END OF QUOTE
There you go, read the last paragraph.  In fact, I will put in in all caps right now, as it explains what Larry Klayman thinks about the problems AG Sessions has, which are keeping him from going after Clinton.

Please sign the petition on Larry Klayman’s website to support his plea to be appointed Special Counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and Uranium One.

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56 thoughts on “John Kelly Tells A G Sessions His Job Is Safe From President Trump – Larry Klayman Asks Trump To Appoint Him Special Counsel To Prosecute Clinton – Sessions Must Resign.”

    • I believe they’ll come out of it with a Nobel Peace Prize or something. “If they hadn’t given Russia the Uranium, Russia would have attacked – by doing the right thing, our beloved Fuhrer Hillary prevented World War 3.”

      • I swear if this happens, I know I will not be able to move beyond it. I will turn bitter, cold, and forlorn. I simply will become a dead piece of meat with no life left.

        • Don’t… The more they pull off things like that, the more people who can see through it we need.
          I don’t think they’ll go as far as giving her a Nobel Peace Prize for treason just yet, but they’ll find some way to make her come out of it looking good. Maybe something more like “Trump was elected because people thought he’d get the good deals, but look who actually got good deals while Trump was just bragging! Those millions in the charity helped millions of poor kids!” or another iteration of “There’s nothing to see here, it’s just crazy neonazi conspiracy theorists making up lies to throw dirt at someone who doesn’t have any real dirt on her! Just like Benghazi, Whitewater, Cattlegate, Travelgate, Lewinsky… Nothing of that ever happened!”

      • Russia set the bitch and her bunch up. Russia does not need the uranium. If for some unfathomable reason it did, Iran has one of, if not THE greatest geological uranium supplies on the planet. No, there was a reason Putin deliberately and unnecessarily paid hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes for something not required — to assure the warmongering troll never became Commander in Chief, and if she did, he had the goods on her.

        • Interesting thought, and I hope you’re right…
          I was thinking more likely than not it was about making sure the US military doesn’t have that Uranium, maybe it’s a combination of multiple factors.

          • The dirty little secret about the uranium deal is that though Russia controls 20% of the value of the product, by agreement and contract ITCAN NOT BE SHIPPED OUT SIDE OF THE U.S.!!! So again, why pay out bribes approaching $150,000,000, excluding the cost of the investment, to top officials of the U.S. government for something you have in enormous supply, an ally who has an even greater supply if need be and you can not obtain as a resource?
            IT WAS A SET UP!

          • To prevent an enemy from getting hold of it — while Russia can’t ship it outside of the US, they can probably make sure it’s sold to a power plant and not a bomb factory.

        • All Putin wanted the uranium for was to have one on the US. He has plenty of uranium, and he most likely has shared it with his buddies….we know who they are. He likes having a claim in the US.

    • Please only publish and article when they are prosecuted and you have something to talk about….until then, this is all knowledge we have and know…but no one is acting upon it….so who cares.

      • Fred, I wrote the article, and I as far as I know no one else has written about Klayman asking President Trump to assign him as Special Prosecutor to get Clinton. I thought it was worth writing about, and I felt people should know what is really going on with Sessions.

        • It’s a good article….but it is just restating a fact. Clinton will not be prosecuted. SHE is the SWAMP….and other swamp creatures will protect her because if she goes down, they all will go down. Anyways, didn’t mean to sound too harsh….just sick and tired of corrupt US politics. Ready for ALL people to abide by the US laws….or none, whichever they would like.

    • I doubt, but really and truly after reading this article I wrote, ask yourself why not? 1. Trump can fire Sessions 2. Trump can assign Larry Klayman as Special Prosecutor after firing Sessions. 3. Larry Klayman has the goods on Clinton, and he will kick ass. So ask yourself why this cannot happen? If it does not happen, it can only mean one thing, the Deep State has beaten Trump. Therefore, there is no hope for this Country.

      • Trump is either one of them or he has been bought or blackmailed off – or maybe he’s incompetent and listening to his advisers who are part of the swamp. He’s certainly not doing anything that isn’t doing their bidding especially when it comes down to foreign policy (which, right now, is more important than anything else – that repealed Obamacare won’t really help you if World War 3 is being fought and it’s being fought on our grounds).
        And of course if Trump were to fire Sessions and appoint Klayman or someone like him, probably Klayman would all of a sudden get very very depressed and shoot himself in the head 3 times with 3 different guns at different angles.
        But there is still hope for this country. It will just take longer.
        They’re cornered and forced to act like the dictatorship they are. They won’t be able to keep those who still think CNN is the news tied to the propaganda box for much longer. And once more people wake up, they will be taken down, with or without Trump.
        I refuse to believe that We The People would sit still even if everyone knew 9/11 was an inside job and they’re out to start WW3 next.

        • Bush, you do realize what that means, “I refuse to believe that We The People would sit still if everyone knew 9/11 was an inside job and they’re out to start WW3 next.” You know that most of us already know this. I have asked myself the question many times, “would I be willing to march out of my comfort zone, leave my mountain, leave my husband, as he does not believe or live the way I do, put on the armor of God, and proceed to the chopping block?” Would I? First of all, I see the situation beginning with something like November 4, you know in three more days. We have a drill scheduled for that day, and that is the day Antifa is supposed to go wild on us. What if the drill gets out of hand and we lose power….on and on….then with Antifa in the streets what if an event happens then? We would have be sitting ducks. You would not want to leave your home, you would do your best to survive on what you have prepped, and you would lock your door, take out your weapons, and pray. That is the way it will occur….we would eventually be their’s any way you look at it. When it is all said and done, you only have the armor of God, and your soul to endure while they kill you. They want our last bit of life, and they hope our soul. I am not going to give them my soul, so actually they lose. When my Lord comes back for me, I am His.

      • Trump is either one of them, or blackmailed off, or incompetent (and listening to the worst advisers he could have picked).
        There’s simply no benevolent explanation for his escalations of the Syria and Afghanistan wars, decertifying the Iran nuclear deal even though there’s no indication of any wrongdoing on their part, or his constant saber-rattling against Russia and North Korea, or keeping Sessions around after he said outright that he won’t drain the swamp.
        I’m still glad he defeated Hitlery Clinton, but the difference between the two of them sadly isn’t as big as many were expecting.

        • I have to make the case that there is on immigration. I just did an article on what Trump is demanding in order to keep DACA, and he is demanding exactly what we want. DACA is going to go, as Congress will never get it done.

          • That may have been part of the deal.
            “I’ll do your bidding on the big issues like getting your wars started, but in return you leave me alone on some of the small issues.”
            Either that, or he’s doing it with their full approval to keep everyone distracted from even more important issues.
            Anyone with half a brain, regardless of where they stand, opposes war with North Korea, war with Iran or even war with Russia.
            If they manage to distract the left with “Trump is going to kill DACA! He’ll deport and kill all my friends! Need to protest that!” while distracting the right with something along the lines of “Still too many illegals coming in! Need to protest that!”, there’s remarkably few people left to protest the war plans.

      • For it would reveal succinctly that the ‘Deep State’ is so thoroughly metastasized throughout our government that civil change can not come about other than through violence and destruction.
        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” — JFK

    • It is, david, but do we have anyone who will do anything about it? Sessions won’t. If Trump would get rid of Sessions, as he has already admitted he will do nothing to anyone except weed smoker, then what is going to happen? If Trump would push against the Deep State, he could get rid of Sessions, and get Klayman in there. And Klayman would do everything that needs to be done.

  1. I can’t believe that we finally have the goods to take down a big chunk of the criminal cartel in DC and we have a Traitor Coward AG…How can this be happening? And who the heck does Kelly think he is assuring sessions that he is safe from Trump! What the heck is going on?

  2. Sessions need indicted for obstruction of justice. He has abandoned any pretense of enforcing the Law in this country.
    The ridiculous aspect of Manafort is he is involved with working with the Russians in Ukraine with the Podesta group which I will be shocked did NOT go into the Clinton Crime Foundation. So da HIldeBeast was gittin money from Soros to support the Ukrainian NAZIs and also gittin money to support the Ukrainian Russians and tens of thousands have died and the is country torn apart. What an EVIL Witch!

    • Oh, she will always have a place right beside Lucifer himself. When Jesus returns, she will do everything she can to cast him away, but her powers will be a moot point with our Lord. He will turn the other cheek and ignore her. Then His immense power will make her melt into the pile of bile that she is.

    • That is right, Karl. I wish Trump would read this article. It is all documented, and he would see that Sessions has been bought and paid for by the Deep State. Then again, if he does not know the Kelly is his Deep State handler, he is lost anyway.

  3. Trump’s biggest mistake in draining the swamp was hiring the alligators and water moccasins to do it! Just go outside the Beltway and hire some decent people who aren’t already compromised. If he’s actually smart enough to make Klayman the SC, a lot of these sleazebags will be chartering a jumbo jet to take them to a country with no extradition to the US.


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