JOHN NOLTE: DC’s Half-Billion Dollar Newseum Boondoggle to Close Permanently in January.

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via breitbart:

So now the Newseum is not only closing, it is dead, doornail dead. Since this inevitability became inevitable, the hope had been to find another location, a smaller location like the original one that opened in 1997 — or at least another museum that would be interested in displaying the exhibits.


The public rejection is complete.

The whole thing will be dead and buried on January 1, and good riddance to all this rubbish.

My God, I’d rather spend money to visit a Mafia Museum. At least the mafia never pretended to be something it wasn’t. As far as which institution has done more damage to the country — the mafia or the media… I’m thinking, I’m thinking.

Actually, I visited the Mob Museum at the start of the year when I was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s loads of fun — much more so than the Newseum from all accounts. There’s no moral equivalence between the mob and law enforcement, except if you attend the basement distillery’s taste-testing of some of the types of hooch the mob sold during Prohibition, which is absolutely vile swill, but for many, better than nothing while the Volstead Act was in force.


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