JOHN STOSSEL AT REASON TV: The Rise of Citizen Journalists.

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via reason:

[Tim] Pool leans left and supported Bernie Sanders. But he reports whatever he sees.

Earlier this year, the media jumped on a video of a grinning Covington High School kid wearing a Trump hat, claiming he was taunting a native American man—but Pool was skeptical.

“All of these big news outlets, even the Washington Post, CNN, they immediately made the assumption ‘he must be a racist,’” Pool told Stossel.

“I didn’t make that assumption … I said, I have no idea what this is. I just see a guy banging a drum and a kid with a weird look on his face. So I looked at some other videos,” Pool said.

On YouTube, Pool found a longer clip of the encounter and used that to show that the Native American elder approached the kids as they waited for a bus—not the other way around, as had been claimed. There was no evidence that the kids were racist.

“No one watched the longer video?” Stossel asks?

“Nope,” Pool says. “Here’s what happens. One left-wing journalist says, look at this racist. His buddy sees it and says, wow, look at this racist. And that’s a big ole circular game of telephone where no one actually does any fact-checking. And then—New York Times, Washington Post, CNN all publish the same fake story.”

Pool, along with Reason’s Robby Soave, told the real story.

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