John Stossel: Legal marijuana so far

From John Stossel at Reason:


Ten states plus Washington, D.C., have legalized pot for adults.

In several states, it’s been legal now for five years. How has it worked out?

John Stossel visited legal weed stores in California and talked with people on the street.

Almost unanimously, people said that legalization has worked well.

“See any disasters? Seems pretty alright to me,” one man told Stossel.

One woman added: “There’s a dispensary around the corner from my house and it’s actually probably cleaned up the corner.”

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“Why would it clean up the corner?” Stossel asked.

“They have a lot of security … they really paid attention to who’s on the sidewalk, who’s interacting with their customers. They’re actually pretty much a class act.”

But Paul Chabot, a drug warrior who served in both the Clinton and Bush administrations, disagrees. Years ago, he told Stossel that legalization would create all kinds of problems. He hasn’t changed his mind.

Chabot tells Stossel that “Colorado youth have an 85% higher marijuana use rate than the rest of the country.”

But Stossel pointed out that a New England Journal of Medicine study says that teen use actually dropped slightly after legalization.

On the other hand, data on marijuana-linked traffic fatalities is mixed…

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