Jon Stewart view on todays media:

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by kit8642

In a broader critique of the media industry, Stewart said: “The model is based on conflict. I’m talking about the 24 hours. Print, I think, is a different animal, and generally, especially, non-pure internet print is generally pretty sober and has a sense of proportion. Internet culture is clickbait. So, what’s done is: The 24 hours are the nuclear reactor. They generate the conflict content. Then, the internet comes in and they pick out the moments — the gold, the ore of conflict, the real, like most clickbait-y, most volatile moment, and they amplify it and they skew the picture. That’s how the climate continues to feed itself. It’s a conflictonator, but that’s what it’s based on. And, so, if the system is incentivized to that, and that’s where the money is, it’s going to be very hard to get them to generate the kind of — and why this doesn’t qualify for that, I don’t know.”


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Thought it was an interesting critique of how our media is structured and currently working… Hadn’t really thought about it from this exact perspective, 24hr news, feed the internet, then the internet warping it, and then it get’s feed back into the 24hr news.




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