Jordan Peterson has been considering running against Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

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2018Ever since being a young boy Jordan Peterson has thought about be involved in politics. however, he is constantly drawn back the psychological aspect as it seems to have more depth and be able to explain more about human existence. Jordan Peterson is educated enough to know how difficult running a province can be and does not take it lightly. For the very reason he says no to wanting to be involved in politics at higher level I believe he would be move involved than most politicians. However, that would detract from Jordan Peterson is most interested in. Jordan Peterson is asked by Cliff central his thoughts on Justin Trudeau and Dr. Jordan Peterson lays out exactly how Trudeau was elected and how the means by which he was elected are underhanded. Then, Cliff central ask’s him the state of South Africa and whether or not South Africa will change. Jordan Peterson like many others understand that the unlawful land grabs by sections of population are not only wrong but will bring about the destruction of the area and I hate to say it an entire population.

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