Joy Villa Is A Role Model For Hollywood Conservatives

By Gabrielle Seunagal
At the Annual 59th Grammy Awards, Joy Villa became a sensation on the red carpet when she proudly removed a plain white dress to reveal a unique, beautiful Make America Great Again gown with Trump written on the train. The gown contained colors of red, white, and blue, with glitzy silver lettering and was designed by Andre Soriano. This daring political stance prompted much discussion and made headlines in the media.
The beautiful gown was designed as a tribute to the President of the United States. Immediately after pictures of the dress surfaced the Internet, Ms. Villa received thousands of additional social media followers who also tweeted their support for her, and bought her music at such high rates that her album sales increased by 18,106,633%. As an outspoken conservative, it was very rewarding to witness a right wing Hollywood celebrity who was unafraid to represent what she believes in. Liberals have become infamous for their intolerance towards anyone who shares opposing political values. This unfortunate reality made Ms. Villa’s stance considerably more meaningful.

Joy Villa was commended for her political statement due to overwhelming liberal bias and the high percentage of Hollywood celebrities who identify as leftists. Conservatives praised the singer on social media for her fashion choice, while a plethora of critical liberals slammed her with hateful tweets. Democrats seem to incorrectly believe that only they are allowed to express their political ideologies. The flagrant intolerance and hypocrisy of the left never fails to showcase itself, especially when opposing views are brought to light.
It is also worth noting how much the Left claims to love women, immigrants, LGBT people, people of color…until those groups vote Republican or express right wing viewpoints. Leftists have made it obvious that they view all people who don’t fall under the category of rich, straight, white, “cis” males as victims. This train of thought is incredibly insulting, especially to me, as a conservative woman of color. Liberal ideologies thrive on division and labels. The Democrat Party would be nonexistent if not for the people they have branded as “helplessly oppressed.” The moment that their perceived victims endorse anti-liberal values, Democrats immediately attack them and the hatred aimed at Joy Villa last night evidenced this.

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It is a relief to witness the beginning of balanced political representation in Hollywood. Liberal celebrities have used their platforms to use their own political agendas and silence anyone who dares to hold a different outlook. Awards ceremonies designed to recognize music, acting, and talent was twisted into left wing propaganda rallies. If prominent liberal choose to use their platform to push politics that align with their beliefs, then conservatives must follow suit. Joy Villa started a movement last night. We as Americans are entitled to express our views, but we are not entitled to censor opposing viewpoints.


3 thoughts on “Joy Villa Is A Role Model For Hollywood Conservatives”

  1. What a way to put a big smile on my face on a Monday morning! Melania, please have your social calendar staff line up Joy Villa for a command performance at the White House…

    • Joy has much more courage than the back-stabbing GOP thugs in Congress or
      the ignorant Afro-Americans still waiting for the payoff from DECADES of supporting
      Democraps just like lying Hillary.


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