JP Morgan says buy & Morgan Stanley says sell.

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This smoke and mirror charade can’t last forever.

One of Wall Street’s Most Vocal Bears Says Sell The Rally
“Last week was nothing more than a vicious bear market rally,” Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist Michael Wilson wrote in a note. “While it may not be completely finished, it is a rally to sell.

After one of the worst starts to the stock market in 95 years, JPMorgan says it’s
time to buy

I heeded Morgan Stanley advice and took some gains today from another play account before everyone starts and there are outages, freezes, glitches or whatever they conjure up.

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Brutal Stock Deterioration: 46% of Nasdaq Stocks Are More than 50% Below their 52-Week High. 66% of 2021 IPO’s below their offer price

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The Federal Reserve Holds More Treasury Notes and Bonds than Ever Before

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As per this chart from late January, the Fed currently owns 32% of the entire Treasury note and bond market.
Nothing says free market like 32% gov’t ownership and interest rights 600 basis points below inflation

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Average stock decline in Russell 3000 was a drop of 32% from its 52 week highs. Companies in the 10th decile within the Russell had experienced an average decline of nearly 70% from their 52 week high.

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