Judge Jeanine – Comey The Liar

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You gotta love Judge Jeanine. She’s not holding back on James Comey’s new book “I won’t mention its name.”
Soon, and very soon, we will be treated to the spectacle of Comey and McCabe calling each other liars as they both testify in their separate felony criminal trials.
And then there is former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. Comey and are already calling each other liars. Both – in a rare show of honesty – are actually telling the truth.
But there is much, much more for the benefit of those hurting for entertainment throughout the balance of 1918 – Hmmm, the same number of numbers, except the last two are reversed. Perhaps this is the year when the 1981 proclivities of the dominant Clinton/Obama crime syndicate takes a big fall – big enough to allow this American ship of state to right itself.

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