Judge Jeanine: Hillary Does the Clinton Two-Step & Americans Waking Up!

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by Thinker

Why would Hillary Clinton say that Europe should no longer offer refuge and support to migrants?

United Nations, NATO, Soros…against unity in America??? Who supports the immigrants marching on the borders of the U.S.??? Who pays to house the United Nations in New York city??? Who pays 75% of the bill for NATO…the American taxpayers???

So who are those the American taxpayers protect???

Americans or immigrants??? History of open borders speaks for itself and the poltiticians who have looked the other way to allow the pedophiles to be positioned into power to allow chaos, drugs, guns, and children to flow out and in the USA. Trump transparecy is getting in the way. Immigrants have helped to create votes for the pedophiles to find their way into government jobs, which help to elect judges that protect the predator. All over the United States, voting fraud in 2017 has been exposed from the deepest inside positions of government agencies and politicians who sold the American citizens.

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Alternative media moves forward and continues to expose those whose actions support lies and not truth.

Sealed indictments…Veterans/Americans waiting…

There will be no more open borders, as long as Donald Trump is in the White House…tas dollars for Veterans/Americans, and not illegal immigrants.


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