Judge not amused by ‘fool’ who logged into court as ‘Buttf—-r 3000’

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A Michigan man did not impress a judge when he signed into to a virtual hearing using the screen name Buttf—er 3000.

In a courtroom video posted to YouTube Tuesday, St. Joseph District Court Judge Jeffrey Middleton presided over a Zoom conference that included eight people with matters before the court.

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“Then we’ll bring this fool in,” the judge said, as the foul name briefly appears on a blank screen before a man appears in that box.

“Good morning sir, what’s your name?” Middleton asks.

Once “Buttf—er 3000″ realizes the judge is speaking to him, that man identifies himself as Nathaniel Saxton.

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“Your name is not Buttf—er 300, you yo-ho, logging into my court with that as your screen name?” the insulted adjudicator said.



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