Judge orders Chicago PD FOP President to keep his mouth shut about vaccine.

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Judge Orders Chicago FOP President to Stop Encouraging Officers to Defy Vaccine Requirement

With almost 50% of the police force unvaccinated and pushing back against the mandate a judge has ordered a limit of freedom of speech

A Cook County judge on Friday ordered Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara to stop making public comments encouraging his members to defy the city’s COVID vaccine policies.

Judge Cecilia Horan’s decision came just hours before a deadline for officers to enter their vaccination status in a city web portal, something Catanzara had encouraged them not to do.


Curious as to WHO the judge is? Well let’s see what circles the HONORABLE Cecilia Horan runs around with.

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Her memberships include the lesbian and gay bar association of Chicago, the Chicago bar association, and the Illinois defense trial counsel. She has received endorsements from the cook county democratic party and the chicago federation of labor. She is also the recipient of the advocate for Diversity award from the Diversity Scholarship Foundation (2016)

Horan is a registered democrat.

Well there you have it boys and girls if you can’t control your police force being a crooked politician like Lori Lightfoot, get one of your lackey judges to enforce it.



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