Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Against The CIA – Department Of Justice – The Treasury Department – Revealing The Permanent Deep State.

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by Ruby Henley
I am watching a panel discussion led by Judicial Watch Host Christopher J. Farrell, Director of Investigations and Research at Judicial Watch.  The expert panelists include:
Dr. Sebastian Gorka – Former Deputy Assistant to the President And Author of New York Times best seller Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.
Diana West – Journalist and Author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.
Todd Shepherd – Investigative Reporter Washington Examiner.
James Peterson – Senior Attorney Judicial Watch.

This special educational panel was held on Friday, September 15, 2017, discussing “Exposing the Deep State.”
I hope you watch the video, and you will understand what the “Deep State” truly is.
We no longer have to wonder if there truly is a “Deep State.” Dr. Sebastian Gorka witnessed it first hand during his time in the White House.  He asked that several of his students, who had been educated in government, be assigned to the White House to assist him in his duties to President Trump.  He was denied, and, in fact, these students were demoted in the jobs they had.  
President Trump was ignored by the very people, who were hired to serve him.  As President Trump met with his Staff and with world leaders in the Oval Office, he was unable to have private meetings without the conversations leaked. It became a very troubling pattern.  
President Trump’s agenda had awakened the Deep State!  He had infuriated the Deep State with his goal of “Making America Great Again.”  The “Deep State” has had control for a very long time, and they were not about to let Donald Trump ruin that.  The war began, and, in fact, it could be called a “soft coup.”
President Trump is under so much pressure, as he is fighting a war for the American people, and some  do not realize it. He is fighting to, and I have to say it like this, “he is fighting to recover our sovereignty.” I can say that now, because we lost our sovereignty a long time ago to the permanent “Deep State.”
Washington doesn’t want what the American people want.
There is a deep state, shadow government, in place, a government staffed by recent appointees or hires of Obama. There are lots of Democrats in the bureaucracy, and lots of Republicans, who think they know better than President Trump and are willing to thwart the rule of law.
It’s not just Republican vs. Democrat or Conservative vs. Liberal.  It’s the Washington Establishment vs. the people!
They will go to virtually any lengths to maintain the status quo and the public corruption that erodes our Constitution. We’ve seen this with the reckless disclosure of communications intelligence information aimed at destroying President Trump’s national security advisor, Lieutenant General Mike Flynn.
This is all part of a political smear job by the Washington establishment who are rightly terrified of President Trump and the “swamp draining” that he has promised. They are actively organizing against him and subverting the rule of law!
Fortunately, Judicial Watch aims to get to the truth behind these crimes. We filed a lawsuit against the CIA, the Department of Justice, and the Treasury Department for records on these illegal leaks!
Sign the petition to support our lawsuit against members of the shadow government actively subverting the will of the people!
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54 thoughts on “Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Against The CIA – Department Of Justice – The Treasury Department – Revealing The Permanent Deep State.

  1. I hope they live to tell it!!!!
    Black ops budget is over $50 billion!!! The goal is to replace governments that are not on board with NWO/Globalist/corporate, etc. agenda! This is not sustainable…as a matter of fact, it’s truly insane! MAD!

    • A lot of their funding is from the opium imports and sales….. think about that for a moment and you don’t have to wonder why there is a heroin epidemic in this country and folks ODing every day and dying!!! The Deep State WANTS them to fund their activites by way of their addictions.. And cancer is a huge money maker as well for them……..

        • Unfortunately I don’t think he has made that connection yet. He still seems to be taking the “advice” of the narcocracy’s druglords.

          • He isn’t stupid. I believe he is definitely controlled at this point. I support Trump to the end though. No other choice!

        • Ruby, I think he just sees the overdose epidemic that has a lot of young adults hooked and has not really put the pieces of the puzzle together of the CIA and drugs and black bag BIG money. He may be a smart man but he can’t know about everything!!
          Have you read the Victor Thorn Trilogy about Hillary and Bill yet? The 3 separate books (about 300 pages each!) really go into minute detail about just HOW involved the Clintons were/are involved in the drug trade. You can download off Amazon as Kindle books for very cheap. Victor was murdered because of these 3 books. Before I read them I thought I knew a lot…after I read them I shook my head wondering just how naive I really was to have even thought I knew a lot….

          • I wouldn’t say we actually guard the Agency’s poppy fields, but we neglect to destroy the ones who play with our peeps. We destroy THEIR poppy fields. The only reason the Taliban made it illegal to grow poppies in the year before we invaded was that the Taliban had too much in warehouses and had to reduce the supply to make prices competitive.

          • In 2008/9 I did not see us guard the fields. I did see us ignore destroyin the fields that belonged to Karsi’s brother while we destroyed his opponents fields.

      • Wanna have some REAL”fun”? Read Dark Alliance by Gary Webb. I believe they made a movie, “Killing the Messenger” about it. I believe he committed suicide with two (2) bullets to his head…
        Basically, one of the major reason that the black communities are in shambles is because the CIA and the South American drug cartels literally dumped cheap and HIGHLY addictive crack cocaine into the black communities to get $$ for Contra wars!!! Blacks funded the Contra wars because Congress was unwilling to fund the war!!!
        This was followed “coincidentally” by the war on drugs..Thanks Hillary for your deplorable comments after your husband created mandatory sentencing, like 20+ years for an ounce of crack, and a few months for the SAME amount of cocaine in its pure form…which mostly whites snorted!!! Blacks have rioted in prisons ever since, but no press on reason. Even BC said he did wrong, but he’s NEVER done anything to correct it!!!
        That was the dress rehearsal, now we have the real deal…only this seems to be effecting more whites than anyone…hummmmm, you do the math! Oh, and the US military is currently guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan…after the Taliban all but wiped them out!!!!

        • Already am a huge Gary Webb fan…….how convenient he used two bullets to kill himself with!!!
          Have some fun and read the 3 book trilogy by Victor Thorn Hilliary and Bill. It’s about 900 pages in total and you’ll really have tons of fun…goes into minute detail about the CIA drug trade and the Clintoons involvement. You can download it onto your Kindle, phone from Amazon for very little…..you’ll learn quite a lot about how they operate. These 3 books got Victor suicided.
          The new opoid epidemic is started in the doctor’s offices with them pushing Oxys onto patients who are too naive to realize that they WILL get hooked even after 4 pills!!!!. Then when the doctor cuts them off they turn to the street dealers and spend thousands of dollars each week supporting…..the CIA!!!! This is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken….starting with the patients….screw the doctors as they just get their monthly checks from Big Pharma to be legitimate pushers.

          • Tough read but please please read every page….it’s one of those books where if you miss a page the next page makes no sense. It’s something not for everyone….but once you get into the books you can’t put them down…..just a warning in case you like to read late at night in bed like me…I ended up reading straight thru till morning reading one of the books…. I read every single word of all 900 pages!!!! Victor left nothing out. He was quite inclusive and there are lots of references that I ended up researching on my own.

          • Your welcome. I can’t say they ALL are, but other commenters say many are. I’m goin to try to talk to our county coroner who I know in the next week or so and find out more about autopsies, if they are public knowledge or not if they are performed or not. The funeral home returned my request and said the county will not release whether one was performed or not, privacy act. Here in KY it is many times noted in the paper whether an autopsy was performed or was pending.. I’ll let you know what I find out.

          • There is no other way to discover how she died. Surely under the circumstances that she did, her parents would ask for one.

          • It appears that THEY put it out that NO ONE should pursue it. Just like Seth Rich. Hannity was the only one to really cover it and he got scared fast!
            I went back to the Pray Funeral Home site and for some reason my internet was able to view the Tribute Video for Monica. If you haven’t viewed it I highly recommend it.

          • Yup, and what’s also strange I just filled in my check for 35 bucks to Judicial Watch for my 2018 membership as I opened your response. What’s the chances of dat?

          • https://whowhatwhy.org/2012/05/07/watergate-revelations-the-coup-against-nixon-part-1-of-3/
            This site was recommended to me by Stop Bush and Clinton commenter. It outlines in detail how the Agency took down Nixon and how Deep the Deep State is and how Bush was controlling it. However it does not tell how Kissinger and Haig and the SS White House captain worked for Rockefeller to assist in takin down Nixon. Even the President, Nixon could NOT git the JFK files. He knew THEY took JFK out and figured THEY would do him the same. Instead THEY just forced him to resign!
            However, Bush, Clinton and Obama are just operatives for the Real power of the International Elites behind the curtain who I guess are Rothschilds and Rockefellers and who knows who else.
            The same deep state is workin against Trump if Trump isn’t controlled Opposition.

  2. Your average American citizen when told this would call you a kook….I know…I was called a kook when I mentioned this topic and the person looked at me as if I had purple polka dots and green stripes on my face in horror!!!! They are in deep denial of this and don’t want to even think about this huge problem we face….They are too busy with their soccer mom stuff and NFL daddy stuff and their own selfish lives of cell phone texting, etc to even begin to undrstand this huge problem…let alone even think it’s REAL!!!! People are so stupid and gullible…I can see for myself just how easy it is to fool them on a daily basis with the pretend fantasy land local tv newscasts…..or the laughable local newspapers who think local sports scores are important and only print one “world” news item per day.

    • I used to be one of those people…yes, it was a happy time, but a very ignorant one. My kids were very young, and now I wish I had known then what I know now. My youngest son was like a ray of sunshine. He was very curious about everything, and I was naïve, as I was raised in a very sheltered environment. I never did drugs, and I did not see the signs when he started to experiment in middle school. It was a constant battle, and I lost it. He overdosed, and I lost him to that darkness. That is when I woke up to the world. In my pain, I started to search for the truth.

      • Sad to hear so… I was one of those people too, sheltered, somewhat naïve, thinking that creatures like the real faces of the Bushes and the Clintons were a figment of someone’s imagination, found in horror films or something, but certainly not in real people… Especially not people who made it all the way through our system, which after all is designed to filter out the bad guys.
        For me it took a shocking, but nowhere near as personal event — 9/11. When they wanted me to believe that those towers came crashing down at almost freefall speed, almost into their own footprint, from the impact of a plane and some office fires, my understanding of physics won out over my (at that time still present) belief in government figures.
        If someone I trust tells me that 1+1 is 3, I tend to suspend my trust in that person rather than suspending my belief in reality (even though I might take a pocket calculator to double-check).
        Probably everyone needs some event that simply doesn’t fit into their conception of the world before to wake up.

        • I think you are right, Bush. The only way I could deal with life after that was to release the pain of losing my son to God. After I did that, I promised myself that I would always search for the truth…no matter how ugly it was or what it cost me. I owed my son and my God that.

      • OMG I feel so bad for you Ruby to have lost a son to this…..epidemic!!!! Fortunately my son is a real square never tried drugs and has no inclination to. He did drink a lot when he had sciatica pain and ended up in the funny farm for 10 days when he quit drinking cold and went into DT’s. He hasn’t touched a drop since. He uses acetaminophen now to deal with his sciatic pain. He had to have some sort of relief from the leg pain and chose booze over seeing a doctor for years. He’s been sober now for 2.5 years now without a drop!!! Still hasn’t seen a dr for the sciatica!

        • Sallie, I think for our young people we cannot live in the past when they all moved out and achieved more than we did. That was our hope for them, and we saw in them what had been in us. But those days are in the past, and our children will never live in the world that we dreamed. We must face a new reality with or without our children beside us. I am so happy you have your boy and that precious dog next to you throughout all of this. The structure of society that we once knew no longer exists. We are trying to survive in the ashes now, and I think the closer we have our family around us, the safer we will all be.

      • So sorry to read this. My two children have had major drug problems and hopefully have come to grips with them in their 30s. My daughter fought off her demons. My son has been on and off for years. He’s so crazy he got kicked out of Iraq servin in Custer’s 7th Calvary “for havin absolutely no regard for his own life and even for the lives of the Iraqis”, He’s been in and out of jail since his return on meth. He got kicked out of Kentucky, told he had 48 hours to leave or do 10 years. He went to Colorado with ALL the other crazy dope smokers and hopefully gave up the meth and stickin with weed..
        As you know drugs is part of the Globalist plan to destroy our youth and in turn America!

        • Mac, we both have lived a hard life. I would not have made it without finally realizing I could not handle the burden of guilt I had on me. So I really did let go and let God. He is my only salvation. I so trust in Him that I know without a doubt he has my son right now, nurturing him in a way I could not.

          • All you can ever do is do your best. We were ALL born with Original Sin and sin many times after birth since Jesus Christ is the only perfect person who walked the earth. Thankfully we can be saved through Grace.

  3. About time!!! (Does anyone else think the poor court is so overloaded that the first day of trial will be set to some day in the second half of the 22nd century?)
    Just one minor gripe: There is a deep state, shadow government, in place, a government staffed by recent appointees or hires of Obama.
    It didn’t start with Obama. Bush did the same before him (that’s how he kept 9/11 covered up). Clinton did the same before Bush (that’s how he kept his Yugoslavia war crimes and more covered up). Bush I did the same before Clinton (if I had to guess, I’d say Bush I is probably the highest level NWO type to hold office so far). Bush I gave bad advice to Reagan to get some of his deep state guys hired even before he took the Oval Office. (I think Reagan was probably not one of “them”, but he made the fatal mistake of trusting his VP — especially after the botched assassination (which showed him what they’re capable of), he pretty much let “them” run things.)
    If it was just Obama’s appointees, it would be relatively easy to clean house – but we’re facing the collective appointees from (at least) 36 years – and they’re bipartisan too, so just firing all Democrats (or all Republicans) won’t help either.

    • Reagan was literally drugged most of the time he was in office….so GHWB could run the country while he literally slept away. Reagan did not like George one bit but was forced to have him as a running mate? remember that? I do. Remember George WAS head of the CIA before being the VP? How convenient was that? The shadow government is really a communist government whether you realize it or not. Think about it for a minute and you’ll agree with me. They have been at it in Washington for decades chipping away at this country’s laws, constitution, morals, finances, family values, etc. etc. They are really the Israeli Jews that are running this country….think about that for a minute…check this article out and see how many you can tick off as already happened or is happening…if you don’t have curly hair you will after reading this….!!!!

      • And Reagan,as you said, was forced to take Bush as VP just as Trump most likely was forced to take Pence. Reagan was shot by Bush’s best friends mentally unstable brother who he was goin to eat with the next night. His brother shot Reagan for the love of a Lesbian. YA can’t make this stuff up. Many claim the SS man who stuffed Reagan in the car shot him with a mini projectile in the ribs which JUST missed killing him by a fraction of an inch.

        • Pence is a Jesuit so I agree with your assumption of Donald having to be forced to take on Pence…. Remember the night of the election where Donald was sitting on a chair with his head propped up by his hand looking….like he was morose or something as the results were coming in? I can’t make up my mind if he was just impatient or recognizing the impending doom of the moment…. that picture still does not sit right with me in hindsight. I stayed up all night that night to see the “show” of the century.

          • I gave it a 50/50 chance that Trump was real when elected. The media is NOT stupid and would NOT have gave him ALL that free coverage bad mouthin him constantly. The more trash they talked the better his polls. Surely they must of know that they were helpin him by trashin him.
            Now I give Trump a 80?20 chance of bein Controlled Opposition or he is fallin in line due to threats against his loved ones.

      • Indeed… They tried to force Bush as VP on Nixon before – but to his credit he refused. Interesting how – despite his very real failures – the guy who will probably forever been known as a crook (and for lying by saying he’s not one) was actually one of our last genuine presidents.
        I wouldn’t say that our government (shadow or not) is Communist – even the worst Communist dictatorships always maintained at least a pretense of being a workers’ paradise of sorts. Soros and friends piss on workers – you’re either a banker, or a F500 CxO, or a politician, or not worth any thought.
        Even the worst communist dictatorships have always pretended to be “for the people” (there’s a reason why most of them had/have “People’s Republic” in their name), yet around here “populist” has become a smearword.
        One of Marx’s early demands was that a worker should get enough to sustain his family – I don’t see much of that in the thought patterns of the Bushs and Clintons.
        Looks like we’re getting the worst aspects of a Communist dictatorship without any of the bits that could be beneficial to anyone but them.
        If they keep having their say, soon Communism will look better than whatever they’ll call the system they have in mind for us.

        • Communism is only a toll of the International BANKSTERS to seize ALL power and Assets of a country. THEY financed Lenin/Trotsky and Hitler. In fact they pay off ALL horses in da race and own both parties and most countries today.
          Nixon was Watergated because he was workin on establishing quotas/tarrifs to protect American manufacturing jobs. John D. Rockefeller got his boys, Kissinger/Haig and the SS Captain in charge of White House security to work with congress to remove him. He was goin to try to put his brother Nelson in but the Congress wouldn’t go that far due to political repercussions would have been too great! The got Ford who was sittin on ALL the knowledge of the bogus JFK files from the Warren Commissions to do it. The best I know Nixon was NOT a crook. He only tried to protect his peeps who broke into the Democrat campaign headquarters to steal the Donkey’ file of the Party girl/escort/prostitute turned wife of, I believe John Dean. I could be wrong on who the husband was.
          A lot of crazy stuff happened back then and my memory is gittin foggy. Nelson did a lot of BS to try to become President.

          • It’s 1 O’clock and I just finished reading chapter 9 and 10. I’ll read 11 tomorrow. I agree with it ALL so far. I’ve been sayin for years Nixon was paranoid for a GOOD reason. I didn’t know he tried to git the JFK files and was denied.
            I believe JFK was killed by da BANKSTERS for EO 11110, The Agency executed him with help from the Mob and LBJ and Hoover covering it up.
            I stumbled on the Bush II connection with Soros a few years back. The Saudi company which bought Bush W’s failed oil company had Soros holding a 51% stake. SO we are back to the Rockefeller/Rothschild unholy Satanic Alliance workin to destroy America to establish Satan’s NWO

          • Largely agreed, except I wouldn’t say they killed JFK solely because of EO11110. That was surely a big part of the motivation, but not everything.
            JFK also wanted to de-escalate the Cold War (setting up the war companies), he blocked Operation Northwoods (again setting up the war companies), etc.
            The usual suspects were all working together to get rid of him, for various differing but overlapping reasons.
            I don’t remember where I read it, but I read somewhere that there’s a tape from that day putting a certain “George Bush of the CIA” on the site (and there seems to be an official denial from the CIA that it’s “that* George Bush, pure coincidence, it’s a common name).

          • I believe it is rather certain Bush I was an Agency boy along with his father ole Prescott who was a foundin member. Just like I believe Clinton and Obama were developed from childhood to be Agency stooges. Read into their background!
            I believe EO 11110 was the final stay that mobilized the Global Elites to take him, down. As you mentioned above, JFK created the perfect storm. Mess with da FED, Ya End up DEAD. That goes for the IMF also!
            Then trashin the Dulles Bros, combined with messin with the MIC, double crossing the Mob and others with his Drug usage ALL contributed.
            Remember, Bush I, II, Clinton and Obama are NOT da Man, Soros and the International Wall Street are in front of the curtain with da Agency and gubermint Agencies THIER enforcers. Rothschild and Rockefeller and who knows who else are BEHIND the curtain. THEY don’t even show up as super rich anymore. THEY have their assets so well hidden! My site listed below:
            http://www.kentuckycheif.org for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
            No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too BIG to JAIL or Impeach!

          • The Deep State has existed since 1913 and is ruled by da BANKSTERS. Trump is the new Nixon. However, Trump has his daughter and son-in-law backstabbing him and the USA for the Internationalist!

  4. G-d Bless and Protect Dr Gorka. I figured he’d have been Heart Attacked or Stroked Out by now. I have been a member of Judicial watch for my years. It is one organization I wish I could afford to give more than the annual minimum of 35 bucks a year. All the above SO TRUE!

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