JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT Tells AG Sessions To Direct US Marshals To Seize FBI Evidence… If Sessions Doesn’t Act, Trump Should

Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, is taking his message against corruption in the FBI and DOJ public.
Thanks to some very bright people, like Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, who are committed to exposing corruption in our intelligence committee, this isn’t going away…
In a tweet yesterday afternoon, Tom Fitton gave AG Jeff Sessions some friendly advice: “In response to FBI “missing” texts scandal, AG Sessions should direct U.S. Marshals to take steps to seize, secure and preserve necessary computer evidence at FBI. And if AG doesn’t act, @RealDonaldTrump should order it be done.”
In response to FBI “missing” texts scandal, AG Sessions should direct U.S. Marshals to take steps to seize, secure and preserve necessary computer evidence at FBI. And if AG doesn’t act, RealDonaldTrump should order it be done.

This morning, President Trump tweeted about the missing Strzok-Page texts:
In one of the biggest stories in a long time, the FBI now says it is missing five months worth of lovers Strzok-Page texts, perhaps 50,000, and all in prime time. Wow!

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The timing of the missing texts is very suspicious, given that the last day of the missing texts was the same day Mueller was appointed as special counsel in charge of the Russian collusion investigation.
The Justice Department has turned over to Congress additional text messages involving an FBI agent who was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team following the discovery of derogatory comments about President Donald Trump.
But the department also said in a letter to lawmakers that its record of messages sent to and from the agent, Peter Strzok, was incomplete because the FBI, for technical reasons, had been unable to preserve and retrieve about five months’ worth of communications.
Strzok, a veteran counterintelligence agent who also worked the Clinton email case, was reassigned last summer from the team investigating ties between Russia and Trump’s Republican presidential campaign after Mueller learned he had exchanged politically charged text messages — many anti-Trump in nature — with an FBI lawyer also detailed to the group. The lawyer, Lisa Page, left Mueller’s team before the text messages were discovered.
The Justice Department last month produced for reporters and Congress hundreds of text messages that the two had traded before becoming part of the Mueller investigation. Many focused on their observations of the 2016 election and included discussions in often colorful language of their personal feelings about Trump, Clinton and other public figures. Some Republican lawmakers have contended the communication reveals the FBI and the Mueller team to be politically tainted and biased against Trump — assertions Wray has flatly rejected.
In addition to the communications already made public, the Justice Department on Friday provided Johnson’s committee with 384 pages of text messages, according to a letter from the Wisconsin lawmaker that was obtained by The Associated Press.
But, according to the letter, the FBI told the department that its system for retaining text messages sent and received on bureau phones had failed to preserve communications between Strzok and Page over a five-month period between Dec. 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017.
May 17 was the date that Mueller was appointed as special counsel to oversee the Russia investigation.
Tom Explains how Congress is purposely blocking
any of the information from coming out in this video



18 thoughts on “JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT Tells AG Sessions To Direct US Marshals To Seize FBI Evidence… If Sessions Doesn’t Act, Trump Should”

  1. What a ridicules Headline: A Private Citizen “Telling Sessions what to do”? Really? Funny No other Private Citizens thought of that too. Where’s Larry Klaymen? The Judicial Watch Guy who as interested in exposing 9/11/2001? Remember that day or Him? The UNDERLYING REASON for ALL that is happening Today. Wake Me when Judicial Watch gets back to what started it All. Klaymen must have been on to something it would seem. As Fitton seems to have forgotten Judicial Watch’s post Lewinsky Mission. Well?
    And WHO is this Fitton Guy anyways? MAGA!

    • Judicial Watch won a 10 year legal fight to release the list of ALL Americans who sold short or bought Long on American and United Airlines. After the court order to release them ,they all were destroyed and never released!

      • So they did nothing is what You are saying? After 10yrs they settled for ….Nothing? They just gave up? Why? They didn’t even make an announcement. There is nothing on their website about this either. Hmm, not so transparent as they pretend to be. Why, after “winning” did they let it go all together? Where is the Integrity/moral authority at Judicial Watch?
        So what happens when the same thing happens now? Where is the Hue & Cry over the destruction of those 9/11 records? The silence in comparison to this story is deafening! I know, I know…But, but but Obama! Right? MAGA!

        • It was announced in their quarterly pamphlet I get as a member a couple years ago. Most likely it has been eradicated and is down the 1984 memory hole since serious 911 questioning results in very adverse results.

        • Open your eyes. It is a Two Party/One Puppet Master UniPArty. Trump is most likely controlled opposition also. However he is the last hope we have and I support him to the end.

          • I’m repudiating the varsity of Judicial Watch’s alleged exposure of Govt. Malfeasance. They talk a good game. But as Reagan would say: Where’s the BEEF? I’m also not from Missouri, but “Show Me!”. Understand what I’m saying now? So far , aside from Lewinsky(a consenting adult) they have shown little of anything tangibly relevant or important. All Hat and NO Results.
            I’m sure if it hurts Obama or Shrillary they will shout it to the Moon. Otherwise, poof! Not a peep, same as the disappearing 9/11 records they did nothing about. MAGA!

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