Julian Assange On His Way to the USA – Making Trump or Muellers Day?

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by Thinker

How long has Julian Assange been locked away for telling the “TRUTH???” How many American politicians fear the information that Julian Assange still holds on U.S. security organizations and individuals who have committed crimes against humanity. Thanks to American Hero Bradley Chelsey Manning, man saw U.S. soldiers shooting innocent, unarmed civilians and children for fun…”deep state” attacked Assange and Manning for the release of the video showing crimes against humanity, and orders given to do so by a commanding officer…one who didn’t get purged by Obama???

When it comes to Julian Assange is an asset to Trump and a threat to the “deep state” is clueless to what information and on who Wikileaks has…eyes open…who gets control of Assange…the “Left,” or the “Right???”

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Trump on divided Congress, Mueller probe, foreign challenges

Is Mueller protecting the “deep state” or will “Trump” be watching what happens to the whistleblower and evidence keeper of corruption in American politics. Part 1 of Chris Wallace’s exclusive ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview with President Trump. Starting at the beginning the POTUS, starts off calling the spades a spade…FAKE NEWS!!!

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It isn’t getting the 45th president down, because he knows who he is, what he’s doing, and where he wants the direction of the United States to go. Having to clean house of those who aren’t working for the best interest of the president or his family, many staffers are getting their walking papers. When it comes to the wishes and insight of wives, Trump is one of the few who hasn’t made a mistake yet. Three wives, and all with class, beauty, and brains, producing the same…”House of Trump” is making itself known!

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What sets Donald Trump and family apart from past White House residents???

They are the closest family to live there that can relate to the majority of Americans in many ways. Donald Trump is a “WINNER” and no matter what is written or said about him, his words, actions, and history are speaking loud and clear for Americans to see and hear!!!

Support the 45th POTUS and stop the lies…”Make America Great Again!!!”


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