Jumps in Technology a Dimension of the Grand Solar Minimum

•Indonesia and Myanmar to become new world breadbaskets
•New food growing areas on our planet as GSM intensifies
•Opportunity for distribution, shipping, ports, storage and ag supply chain into new grow zones
•Massive explorations in the past coincided with Grand Solar Minimums from 400BC forward
•Atmospheric Z-Pinch solar arc formations above Sweden
•Heavier cloud cover globally 2019
•Cloud Nucleation
•Chinese geoengineering to boost rainfall and crop yields
•Color changes in the Atmosphere from high altitude ice crystals and new layered clouds
•Formation of cloud formations increasing
•Aero-motor windmills for electrical generation and water pumping
•300 feet or shallower wells for water source
•12 Volt electricity battery system, it’s the universal standard
•New Madrid Fault Zone