June 2022. Pulling the plug on civilization….the looming global food crisis

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This is the latest report from the “Adapt2030” channel.

He goes into detail about how the global food supply is decimated by weather and the conflict in Ukraine…with fertilizer being the biggest issue.

He also goes into how commodity futures are set by quotes that are generated by Russian software/programs in the market system.
Those quote systems are stopped because of the sanctioning.

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The whole thing is going to collapse…..by design.

What the war is providing cover for is what’s happening in the commodities markets and what the weather is doing to crops in South America.

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It’s a great channel to check out for legit forecasts.

He is saying by the time we hit June it will be obvious to everyone and that by harvest time countries that rely on imports of food will be in a famine.

His narrative style is a little odd…but the info is direct and to the point.




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