Jussie Smollett denies all allegations in court hearing

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This is a must watch. He orchestrated the whole thing. The extent to which the police know his every action down to the payment just goes to show he thought he was going to get away with it.. why? Why did he think that faking a hate crime wouldn’t be a crime?

This conspiracy goes deep. Jussie has such an ingrained persecution complex but is a successful actor and had to manufactur a vector of oppression so that he would fit in with his leftist friends and allies.

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There has not been a black man lynched by a white man in over 35 years in this county. Why do Democrats like jussie and Karmel want to create a race war when relations between the races gave never been better?

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What does someone like jussie have to gain from promoting a false hate crime and the false idea that white supremacists are around every corner with bleach and rope ready to lynch a black man. Its honestly sad.




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