Just 14% of positive PCR tests were infectious in the UK between April and June. Disgusting Neoliberal Globalist #FakeNews media still trying to keep baseless Covid Hysteria alive

by Ian56

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86% of UK positive PCR tests between April and June displayed no symptoms.

Because they had insufficient viral load to be infectious, or they had been exposed to the virus but had now recovered and were immune, or because it was a false positive from a procedural / lab error or other cause.
A “new case” is an infectious person who becomes ill.
86% of positive PCR tests were NOT this. They were only reported as positive because the PCR tests are being run at far too many amplication cycles in. amassive scam to create thousands of false positives.
The percentage of false positives will now be much higher as the epidemic has passed, viral prevalence is very low, and testing has been increased by 200% to keep the unjustified panic and Lockdowns going.
The disgusting Totalitarian Neoliberal Globalist Fascist disinfo propaganda scumbags at the Guardian are trying to sell this as a bad thing.
Instead of saving lives and explaining the entire Covid Hysteria is a total scam by Big Money interests, corrupt politicians, multinational corporations and Globalist Oligarchs.
The Guardian are corrupt co-conspirators in Mass Murder
If there was any justice in the world and crime didn’t pay, everone at the Guardian (and the BBC, NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC etc.) would be locked up as accomplices to Mass Murder and enemies of humanity. 
There are no words available to adequately describe the scale of the crimes that still being committed.
My blood boils and I am sick to my stomach that the criminals and fraudsters are still getting away with it.
FIGHT BACK and support the thousands of honest scientists and doctors who are fighting against this massive fraud and program of mass murder and enslavement.
Get out on the streets and protest against it.

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