Just a reminder that paper and cloth mask can NOT stop a virus. The only mask that can sometimes stop something as small as a virus is a N95.

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This is legit the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I’ve always known this because I have family with immune system deficiency. It’s always been known that due to the size of a virus that cloth and paper can not stop something as small as a virus, not even a surgical mask which even the CDC site will tell you is to stop germs. A virus can go right through even if a drop falls on your cloth mask.


The mind f**k the media has done on this entire thing is crazy and it’s scary to see how easily people were brainwashed by political theater. The fact that some places made it law, full well knowing it can not actually stop a virus should concern you.

The best way to avoid getting it is social distancing and washing your hands with soap.

So what was the reason? Why mask mandate knowing they can’t actually stop it. A test? If people so easily agree with this, even though factual information to the contrary is out there for anyone who looks, what eles would they willfully do?



h/t Typoqueen00


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