Just brought down my first major medical bill by 50%

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by Jon_Boopin

As the title states, I just brought down a $4500 medical bill from a laproscopic appendectomy in February, which was my first ever major medical bill. It may not be too much, but I’m only 20, and I only have a part time IT job that I’m lucky to keep during this crisis. I feel really good that I was able to take advice I often see on this sub — ask for a renegotiated payment.

I requested to defer the minimum payment of $1787 (for the professional bill, the other $2700 or so for the hospital stay was not due yet) as it was due on the 16th of this month. SoCal Kaiser Permanente said that all payments for their entire customer base were deferred by 1-2 months because of COVID-19. Finally, I asked to be sent to any center they had for renegotiating payment or discounts. They immediately took down my number and said to wait one to three business days for a call. I got the call 20 minutes later, and they said that if my guarantor’s primary source of income was impacted by COVID-19, we qualified for a 50% discount on both bills. They let me know that my payment plan would increase to $130 a month, but the bill would be reduced to around $2200. With my insurance reimbursement from my job, I can pay approximately $390 over the course of the next quarter while being reimbursed $130 a month — exactly what my payment plan costs. Additionally, I will (hopefully) receive a stimulus check for $1200 that I will use as a down payment. Finally, I will be left with around $600 to pay when I go full time in June, as opposed to sucking it up and paying $2000 every month.

Again, to anyone with SoCal Kaiser or even possibly Kaiser, if you’ve been impacted, it’s a good idea to ask. Thanks to all the people who give wonderful advice to younger folks like myself. I’m actually really proud, and I feel like more of a capable person.



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