Just days before the 2nd biggest retail week of the year many places plan to increase their lockdown restrictions. Making it harder for small business & middleclass America to survive. I 100% guarantee Amazon smashes Cyber Monday & holiday sales records.

by Scander11

My county and many others, many cities, and many states are increasing their lockdown levels just days before one of the largest retail weeks of the year. A week that countless small businesses and middle-class people needed to get them through the holiday season after an already horrible year. How convenient it is that lockdown restrictions just so happen to take place days before a holiday shopping week millions of businesses and workers across the country needed.

Sounds great for places like Amazon who will undoubtedly set Cyber Monday records. Sounds great for places like Walmart, Target, etc., that wont be required to limit head count or close down. Of course, Americans will flock to these places to buy shit they don’t need, to increase debt they already have, and to consolidate the wealth in this country even more.

I’m all for social distancing, but the increase in lockdown restrictions have already scared consumers into staying home and panic buying essentials.

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We small businesses desperately needed this week and a strong Q4 to survive. After an already horrible year, a slow down due to the election, the stim check equating to roughly $5.40 a day (at this point), and now tighter restrictions and increased fear of another full on lockdown, this holiday season will be the final nail in small business America’s coffin.

This Q4 could very well be the end of the American Dream. There’s no second check coming, there is no rent freeze coming, there is nothing coming for people like you and me. Just a reminder that the government does not care about you. Just a reminder that this pandemic, while real, was a perfect opportunity for the elite ruling class to create an even larger wealth division in our country and set the table for the future they want.




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