Just read a report on the workforce shortage and it seems like grabage

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by One_King_4900

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So the bulk of the article from the wall street journal was saying that the senior work force makes up 1/3 of the pool and that them retiring early or choosing not to return to work is a massive hit to the work force recovery. I think this is somewhat bogus. They state that boomers past 65 just don’t want to work anymore. Maybe my family is off but we have a moto “sleep when your dead” and both my parent are well able to work. Long story short they both got canned over the pandemic. Now that they are trying to find work (mom at 65 and dad at 67) no one want to hire them because they are old. They require more insurance and more liability apparently and they keep getting denied work because of their age. Even prior to the pandemic, when my mom left the accounting firm she was with for 20 years because they were bought out by a bigger co. she was having a very hard time finding work because of her age. It’s not that they are not willing to work, or can’t put in the hours, but what seems to be the case here is no one wants to hire a 60-something year old woman who has 40+years experience who they would have to pay well when they can hire a bright bubbly newbie from university who will do the job for 1/3 the pay and not need medical / benefits etc….


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