Just recovered from the worst flu in my entire life and I think it was COVID 19

I fell ill 3 weeks ago

I live in London, I work from home. Apart from gym, groceries, and family. I dont go out. But I use the underground to travel when I visit family.

Last time I went to see them was new years

Then 2-3 weeks later I get sick, but it wasn’t sudden, I started to feel tired, out of breath, and weak and no appetite in that period before the major symptoms kicked in.

Then My chronic low back pain flares up. It disabled me. I’m in pain. All my joints ache, but my lower back. My sciatica comes back 10x fold. I cant breath at times. I cough. Theres phlegm. Lots of it. Sneezing, runny nose, headaches, toothache, all of it

I panic, its COVID 19, I read about it. I believe it is what I have. My wife calls the GP, explains everything to them. They send a doctor same day. No mask, doesn’t care. Checks me, says it could be a virus. Says to be sure I need to go for blood test. I cant move. I dont want to go anywhere. So they call an ambulance. Again, no protection, no care, just gloves. They cover my mouth with a mask and take me to the hospital. Briefly outside, I feel the freezing cold, felt like -50°. at the hospital they Take my blood and check everything else.

Doctor gives me co-codamol and night nurse. I was left to die alone for the next 5 days, and the nightmares when I sleep, I dont want to talk about. Worst time, During which the wife begins to get sick too.

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Then I get a text, saying to call the GP for my blood results. Said everything is fine, just a seasonal virus that’s going around. Otherwise it’s all good. Didnt believe a worst of it

I continued to suffer for the following days, but I was getting better slowly. The wife is still sick, but got her on co codamol and night nurse quickly to ease the pain and symptoms. It works. Pain and symptoms make it worse, body seems to start killing itself until sedated.

I think this is COVID 19, I think its here and I think all their so called preparations to fight it are just for show.

They’re going to let people get it, spread it, fight it on their own.

I’m not the same person, I feel like I lost half my strength. I cant even get myself to go gym. I used to go 5 days a week. I’m feeling better, but I eat 2 meals a day and work 3 or 4 hours before I’m exhausted.

This virus takes your soul!!



h/t Abraxarchon


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