Just remeber when you see empty food shelves and astronomical prices….

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That we upped our exports of food to China by 43% in April of this year…

The shortages are all part of the plan to break the American will and prep us for complete take-over….


A 43.06% surge in exports to China is one of two pronounced changes in U.S. trade in early 2021, leaving the United States a miniscule 0.05% below the 2019 pre-pandemic levels for its trade with the world, new data shows.

While overall U.S. exports to the world were down $8.47 billion, when comparing the first two months of 2021 to the same period of 2019, they were up $6.7 billion to China.

Why? China’s economy fared far better than any other major world economy in recovering from the global pandemic.

Exports were also up $1.57 billion to South Korea from that pre-pandemic year.

The second pronounced change is surging U.S. imports. Imports narrowly missed topping $400 billion for the first time through the first two months of 2021, according to data released Thursday.


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U.S. Food Suppliers Are Having Trouble Keeping Shelves Stocked



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