Just revealed now—NBC KNEW Julie Swetnick was LYING BEFORE the Kavenaugh vote! They aired what they KNEW Was untrue!

“…But during her NBC interview, Swetnick backtracked from her allegations. Now it emerges that NBC News was aware that there might be other serious problems with her story — but waited until Thursday last week to inform the public….”

That is thursday of LAST week

Think about what this reveals.

The liberal media are the mouthpiece of the Democrats and this is proof. They purposely did not release this info until NOW long after the vote. Think about what this really means. They KNEW this was a smear and ran with it anyway.

If this doesn’t expose the blatant bias and corruption of the liberal press I don’t know what does. They don’t have any concept of “journalistic integrity” at this point.

They are spewing their yellow journalism to manipulate the minds of the people of this country with no regard for truth and this is proof.



h/t telling it straight