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by Chris


This is pretty funny, but it also says something about where we are in the bubble times too (and maybe more than a little about Sillicon Valley and how it’s so drunk on self-importance that it could not detect an in-its-face parody?).

Here’s the set up:

“Exactly 7 days before the October TEDx event in Oakland, the event organizer put out a call to Bay Area comedians to perform a 7-minute set at TEDx that weekend. Instead, I pitched him a character I’d been working on: a Frankenperson cobbled together from the stories of every out-of-touch startup founder and thought leader cliche I’d seen during my time in the tech industry — complete with brightly-colored blazer.

He agreed. Though, in hindsight, I don’t think he knew what he was signing on for.

Before my talk, titled “Every TED Talk Ever,” the emcee introduced me as Lindsey “Always Be Hustling” Quinn, but made no mention of it being a parody presentation. I thought the ridiculousness would be self-evident — after all, these were smart, ambitious tech insiders. Surely, they’d be in on the joke…

So, off I went. I talked for 5 minutes straight without ever naming my startup, what we did, or saying anything of value. I used every cliche in the book. I photoshopped my head on a Winklevoss twin.

But still, the insight-starved audience at TEDx Oakland clung to my every word. They shushed people who laughed. They nodded knowingly at the Warren Buffett quote hastily pasted over a stock image of a random old man.

Afterward, a few people asked me the name of my startup. Some asked me “what I wanted people to take away” from my talk. A few savvy people told me it was hilarious.

But, by and large, the majority of the audience thought I was just another privileged Ivy League 20-something who, through sheer confidence and self-importance, talked her way into raising $60 million.

There’s probably a takeaway in there somewhere after all…”

And the video:

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The last few minutes are completely worth it….


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