Just Some Inspirational Thoughts During A Time Of Confusion…Truth And Justice Are Not Always Clear.

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by Pamela Williams
I was speaking with a friend today about the confusion of reporting on a changing  news scenario  appearing each day now.  The scenario today may not be the scenario of tomorrow, as the whole intricate web of a news story is filled with both facts and lies.  A writer has to stay focused on the facts that come to light, while attempting to see through the lies.
I am beginning to think the Establishment and Mainstream News Media are setting up the truth seekers in Alternative Media, making it very tricky to make the truth the main theme of our reporting.  Are we anywhere near the truth?
Are we living in a great web of intentional deceit, making the truth a hidden reality we have not yet grasped?  Are we kidding ourselves to think we are even close to the truth?  Is life really just a play set up on a stage and filled with drama to seduce the masses?
Is Alternative Media the truth seekers sitting in the audience being fed what the players on the stage want to feed us?  We think we know the truth, but we are too involved with the play, we fail to see who is behind the masks and the costumes?
There has been so much talk of “unmasking” by the Establishment as of late.  Is that what we are trying to do in Alternative Media?  Are we attempting to unmask the players, but we fail to realize they are all playing along in an act to keep our hands from reaching up to reveal who they truly are?
But the main fact is they are all playing those, who are seeking the clean and unvarnished truth.  Each news story is just a script they are reading off of, but Alternative Media and the truth seekers  cannot imagine there could be such a major deception   We cannot believe we are watching a play, as we used to watch TV programs.
They have just stepped us up a notch, as we watch the players on the world stage on laptops and other technological advancements.  We just went from a TV screen to a computer.  The truth is still hidden from us unless we realize this is all just a huge drama to keep us occupied while they dumbdown  our brains and overload our spirits with a horror show.
It is certainly not a comedy we are watching, and we are tired of the drama and pain of the physical and mental abuse being perpetrated upon us.  They are doing this, because they do not want us to wake up to what they have stolen from humanity.  They do not want us to be sovereign as God created us to be.  They want to be the gods to imprison us in a false reality of pain and evil keeping us from our true divinity as a child of God.
If they can encase each child born into this world in a painful and unloving environment, God’s angels and those of us here on earth, who are shining the Light of God on the darkness,  we constantly feel defeat.  That is what their goal is:  to defeat us and shut our Light down.
But the curtain is about to fall on the players, as God is creating a new reality for His children upon this Earth.  We will no longer be assaulted physically or mentally, as time is short.  But the curtain call is not yet here, and we must remain steadfast.  If we fall down from this feeling of confusion and defeat, it is ok to rest, but we must get back up.
Let us peel another layer of deceit away from our eyes, and may we have a clearer vision of God’s reality for humanity.  The players will probably attend their party after the curtain drops, and they may think they achieved star status.  
Let them think they all deserve an Oscar, but Oscars fall and break.  Physical reality is fleeting, while a higher reality is inevitable in its coming.  That higher reality resides in truth and the unmasking of the darkness.  We have to work toward its coming, but let us not forget it will come.  Let us be clear on this truth, as it is our Divine right.
We are spiritual beings first…having a physical experience….not the other way around.
Here are some quotes that will brighten your spirit, and shine the Light of Truth on your path.
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