Just think of CNN and MSNBC as closed-circuit TV for the Beltway swamp, and it all makes sense.

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ROGER SIMON: CNN Cements Its Bias Reputation at Tuesday’s Debate.

If there is one thing that Tuesday night’s Democratic debate showed us—as if we didn’t know it in the first place—it’s just to what degree the media is in the tank for the Democrats. They’re not only in the tank—they built it, filled it with water up to the brim, and would turn up the temperature to boil Donald Trump alive if they could. And maybe they can.

You knew this from the outset when CNN’s lead moderator Anderson Cooper, along with his compatriots, one from the New York Times, opened the festivities with a round of leading impeachment questions, giving each candidate in turn a chance to outdo each other in bashing Trump. Only Tulsi Gabbard equivocated slightly.

Anderson followed this up by then carefully assuring Joe Biden that he (Cooper) knew he (Biden) was “falsely accused” by Trump (Cooper’s words, as if this were universally accepted by any reasonable person) before asking the former vice president the requisite questions about son Hunter and those unfair and nasty accusations of Ukraine/China corruption. No mention of figures, of course. That would have been coarse.


Just think of CNN and MSNBC as closed-circuit TV for the Beltway swamp, and it all makes sense.

MSNBC is declared “Washington’s cable news network” by BuzzFeed, which looks at how the low-rated far left cable opinion network serves as the safe, low-risk home for the JournoLista, Politico, and Washington Post staffers (and yes, there’s plenty of overlap in that Venn diagram, including BuzzFeed itself).  (Link safe, goes to Hot Air):

With Jeff Zucker’s CNN drifting away from politics and toward celebrity stories and true crime — and Fox News sticking closely to its stable of “Republican strategists” and in-house conservative pundits — MSNBC has its pick of the entire political press corps. And it has made itself central to the online political conversation by sending its black town cars to collect younger, web-savvy politicos who spend all day chattering about the ins and outs of the game online. …

More than a few Washington Post reporters, like blogger king Chris Cillizza and Nia-Malika Henderson, are almost ubiquitous with the network’s programming, sometimes making multiple appearances on different shows throughout the day and night. Some Post employees moonlight as paid MSNBC contributors, meaning you’ll definitely see Ezra Klein, Jonathan Capehart, Gene Robinson, or all three on any given day.

Politico’s deal with MSNBC seems quite different, even though the desired results are the same for the network. Including the longtime branded “Playbook” segment on Morning Joe, Politico blankets MSNBC’s dayside programming — literally from dawn to dusk — with its reporters, minus that pesky “contributor” status.

The Hot Air commenters also point out one flaw in the story’s premise, that Fox has many more liberals on the air than MSNBC does conservatives. (That can happen when you view them all as terrorists. And vice-versa.) But that aside, notice what’s missing from that equation? The notion of you and me, the viewers at home.

And didn’t Rush Limbaugh make the exact point of this BuzzFeed piece three years ago? In August of 2010, we ran a post titled, “The MSM: Closed-Circuit TV for the Ruling Class,” with this quote from El Rushbo:

When you turn on MSNBC and watch anything on that network, you get the sense that they’re doing that show not for an audience but for fellow journalists and for people in the White House and for elected Democrats in Congress. That’s their audience, that’s who they’re doing their shows for. Same thing for CNN; same thing for the New York Times. There is really a gulf. The media in this country really do look at the people of this country as an enemy. We’re not just a bunch of rubes, folks, we’re not just a bunch of unsophisticated Neanderthals. We are that to them, but we’re now actually the enemy. When they get this poll from Pew that says the number of people that believe Obama is a Christian is shrinking, the number of people that think he’s a Muslim is increasing, they do not look at the media themselves for maybe an explanation. They don’t look at the White House or Obama to try to find an explanation for this. They knee-jerk conclude that we are a bunch of imbeciles, or reactionaries or racists, bigots, or what have you.

I think the divide between media and public is as stark as it has ever been. Stop and think about this. The relationship that the media has with the people of this country is adversarial. It used to be that their relationship that was adversarial was with people in power. It used to be that people in power were those that had to be examined, had to be accountable. But now since they’re leftists, they’re not really media people, they’re leftists first, we know that, we are the enemy. We are a bigger enemy than Iranian nukes. We are a bigger enemy than Middle East peace. The American people, particularly American conservatives, but I think the American people at large. You read one of these newspapers, read Sheryl Gay Stolberg’s piece today. She’s not writing it for you. She’s not writing it to inform you. The New York Times is not concerned with informing you. Neither is MSNBC concerned with informing you. When F. Chuck Todd does his stand-up at the White House, F. Chuck Todd is talking to other White House reporters who he hopes are watching his work and making sure that they approve of what he’s saying. He’s also hoping they’re watching in the White House and approving what he’s saying. And when Chip Reid of CBS does the same thing, the same thing is happening. And whoever the ABC White House correspondent, whenever that guy does his stand-up at the White House he’s thinking of all the other correspondents at the other networks and the White House and making sure they approve of what he or she is saying, not us.

As I wrote in response:

Can a medium completely lose touch with its audience, and start producing product solely for itself? As I have written before, it happened 60 years ago in jazz, eventually transforming that genre from thepopular American music to an insular art form called bebop, which eventually concluded that the audience wasn’t necessary. And the audience quickly took the hint, which is why jazz is now seen in small nightclubs and in the mausoleum of Lincoln Center, and not at your local hockey arena.

A few years ago, the news industry built a mausoleum of their own — remember the Newseum? And that’s not the only place where they’ve entombed themselves. Their news product, particularly on TV, is essentially a a closed-circuit system designed to assuage the ruling class. That you and I can choose to also watch is merely a byproduct.


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