Just to put things into perspective: After the fabulous gains on the stock market in the 1920s, the crash began just on Sep4th, 1929!

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U.S. Is Still in a ‘Very Significant Recession’ Despite Job Gains, Fed’s Rosengren

We have a long way to go before we are fully recovered, but I will say this employment report was a very positive one,” Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren told CNBC’s Steve Liesman during an interview on “The Exchange.”

Worries Grow Over a K-Shaped Economic Recovery That Favors the Wealthy

Worries of a K-shaped recovery are growing in the alphabet-obsessed economics profession. That would entail continued growth, but split sharply between industries and economic groups.

The Fed’s Latest Lie: It Can Make Everything Go Back to Normal

The Fed Emperor’s New Clothes Show is a continuous comedy without laughter. The latest act, the virtual Jackson Hole conference (August 27), was dreadful.

Is America Approaching the Tipping Point of Too Much Debt?

Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office released updated budget projections. The most important numbers in that report show what’s happening with the overall fiscal burden of government…

The Evictions Have Begun


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