Justice for Kate Steinle: Rally in San Francisco Shows the Left Cares More About Illegal Immigrants than American Citizens

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by Robert Carbery

Millions of rational Americans were shocked when a California jury announced that the illegal and criminal alien charged in the 2015 death of Kate Steinle had been found not guilty on November 30th. A political statement was prioritized over justice that should have been served. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a man with seven felony convictions and five previous deportations, was acquitted of murder and manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon.
On Saturday, I attended the Justice for Kate Steinle march to Pier 14 from Union Square in San Francisco. The pier is where Kate was murdered by the illegal alien. I wanted to get more of a sense of what is going on on the ground in these West Coast political events.
When I arrived, the two sides were separated by each other by a line of police officers. The pro-Trump / pro-Kate Steinle crowd were of course vastly outnumbered by the screaming, chanting, and Anti-American San Francisco (stupid)liberals that brought their megaphones shouting obscenities at these Americans showing up to pay their respects to and bring attention to the tragic death of a young American woman at the hands of someone who should never have been here in the first place.

But the ridiculously anarchist and liberal/communist group Antifa, saw it another way. While the right wing tried to document the out of their element group of leftists on the other side, allowing nothing of any consequence to be recorded, calling everyone Nazis and fascists who disagreed with them, ending the argument on their end that never really got started, working to shut down the argument that they cannot defend by any actual strong points. Angry liberals continued to try to get in the face of our cameraman trying to detail what is going on on the ground in San Francisco. People are putting illegal criminal aliens before American citizens. End of story. The San Francisco liberals, dealing with an insurmountable surge in homeless population due to their attitude toward those without homes (as is the case in just about every other major West Coast metro at the moment), called for the fascists to “get the fuck out.” In addition to that, the libtards also chanted, “NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL.” And so the idiocy proceeded from there …
The right side of this rally at Union Square was a small contingent compared to the leftists who gathered there. But they stayed strong throughout the left’s unfounded chants toward a group of people who were mourning the death of an American citizen and the ensuing lack of justice that happened afterward.

Where is the justice for Kate Steinle? Instead of bringing law and order to this lawless part of California, a San Francisco jury found the illegal alien innocent of murder and the attorneys were not allowed to bring up the fact that he was a five-time deported illegal immigrant throughout the proceedings of the trial. Law and order is not ensuing during the Trump administration if this is the new normal. But let’s be real, it’s San Francisco. Local states and municipalities are able to do whatever they can to #resist the Trump administration.
Did love Trump hate when California became a sanctuary state? In a big middle finger to the Trump administration in DC, California is showing how little it cares for federal law. Where is the justice for Kate? A murdered American in one of our most American cities? Where will it end?
“No ban, no wall … sanctuaries for all…” the left chanted during the Saturday shouting. But their go-to chant was, “No Trump — No KKK — No Fascists USA!” All the Antifa-leftists had were these dumbass chants that made no sense to any rational individual who is educated on the facts. The left side of the rally waited for the numbers on the right to dwindle. The left continued to shout down the right. Offering no coherent arguments and disgracing the death of Kate Steine in the process.
Democrats have no shame.
While the left side of the political spectrum has gained some momentum on the West Coast, that is not surprising. What is concerning to a liberty-lover and fiscal conservative is the rise of the Democrats nationally… is Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama a sign of things to come? Or only a blimp on the radar because he was a child predator???
We must fight the coastal mainstream media and fight for what we believe is best for America. We have to build the wall and keep our borders secure… We have no other choice if we want to actually feel secure and stay safe.  
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15 thoughts on “Justice for Kate Steinle: Rally in San Francisco Shows the Left Cares More About Illegal Immigrants than American Citizens

    • You’re a freaking loser, and an accomplice to her murder. We aren’t nazis, we aren’t “neo nazis”, and we aren’t “anti immigant”.
      The day you are butchered by some of of these illegals, NO ONE WILL CARE.

    • Nah, more of a wake-up call to those paying little attention to just how absurd politics have become. To claim someone is “anti-immigration” simply on the basis of wanting to enforce current immigration law is disingenuous at best.
      To use the death of a woman at the hands of a person who shouldn’t have even been in the country as some sort of “neo-NAZI” rallying cry is just a show of your absolute lack of empathy.
      As I have asked the illogical and irrational leftists I encounter, I will also ask you: “if you could prevent the death of even one person by using existing law, would you?”
      Because that’s exactly what this distills down to: if law had been enforced, Jose wouldn’t have been on that pier and Kate would possibly still be alive today. Just one law.

    • Get your facts right, William. We need law and order in this country to prevent the future murders of more of OUR citizens. I’m sorry you prefer illegal aliens over pretty white girls in our nation … the greatest on EARTH despite our many faults….
      – Robert Carbery

  1. California will secede from the Union and the sooner the better. There is NO HOPE for this godless Communist state…. The whole state is a sanctuary city now….and normal people should leave and let the faggots and the beaners have the whole state for themselves……it will cease to be a state in less than 3 years from now the rate they are going with handing out all the money to the welfare frauds and food stamp frauds…..and collecting money from taxpayers and squandering it on doomed projects like the Orroville Dam scam…… and having very deceptive politicians like Nancy, Barbara, Diane, Jerry, Kamala constantly dipping their hands into the cookie jar siphoning out more money……

    • At least taking the exemption for State taxes out of the Code will keep the rest of the country for paying for libtard delusions in California; best thing that could have happened to the Hollywood anti-Trumpers and Silicon Valley. Let’s see how they feel when they’re the only ones responsible for paying for their Sanctuary and “Climate Change” crapola. Lol

  2. This country was made of ‘illegal immigrants’ not to mention the displacement and genocide of the original peoples…when will we grow up, mature, evolve to get out of this killing mindset? Come on people, when do you close the DOORS or borders to other humans who only want to survive? Why do you think America has this huge statue (from France) depicting a home free area for all? We are all from illegal immigrants. How TOUGH IT THAT TO UNDERSTAND? Get over it. There is far far far more important problems than humans just trying to find a place to live and survive. Get a grip! How about

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