Justin Trudeau Is More Unpopular Than Ever! – Canadians Prepare To Say Goodbye (Freedom Minute)

Josh Sigurdson does another quick Freedom Minute report! Canadians appear ready to say goodbye to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! If the election were held today, Trudeau would get a mere 33% of the vote while the Conservatives would get around 38% of the vote. Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives have climbed 7% in the ranks since last December while the Liberal Party has dropped 5%.
Here’s the deal… It doesn’t matter.
As we reported before, Trudeau’s approval rating recently fell to the same level Stephen Harper’s was at in his 9th year. This is a sign once again that people are fed up with government. Whether it’s Liberal or Conservative or NDP or Green, it’s politics that people are sick of but unfortunately far too many bounce back and forth between two evils. It’s sad, when really, all people need to do is look to themselves for the solutions rather than politicians and government. Individuals should learn to rule themselves. They keep applying the same solutions that cause the problems in the first place. Government isn’t going to fix the problems they created.
This is yet another lesson in voluntaryism.
Trudeau is terrible. He probably doesn’t know how to tie his own shoes, but with that said, he’s not the one making the policies. He’s just the talking head, just like Harper was the talking head. It’s the state complex behind him that benefits off of the individual’s collective servitude that is truly making up the script. Don’t forget that.
Liberty shall prevail as long as we stand as individuals rather than depend on coercive collectives.
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