KAROL MARKOWICZ: If Democratic men really want a woman president, why not drop out?

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via nypost:

Asked at the “She the People” forum in Houston whether he will choose a woman to share his ticket, Cory Booker said, “I will have a woman running mate. To me, it’s really clear that we do that.”

Of course, at an event called “She the People,” it would be hard to resist the siren song of pandering. But it wasn’t the first time Booker had made the pledge. He previously said Democrats would “make history” and declared, “There will be a woman on the ticket. I don’t know if it’s in the vice president’s position or in the president’s position.”

Booker isn’t alone. Pete Buttigieg told Ellen DeGeneres he would consider a female VP ­because it’s important “to have gender diversity and gender balance.”

Even the lower-tier candidates are getting in on the sweet woman-pandering action. Eric Swalwell, previously mostly known for threatening to use nuclear weapons on gun owners, tweeted “SPOILER ALERT: I’m a white man. I know where I can’t speak to someone else’s experience.” He pledged to “pass the mic” and “ask a woman to serve as VP.”

Spoiler alert: Playing the male savior to women is lame.

True, but all that virtue isn’t going to signal itself, Karol.




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