Keep printing… Global food prices jump 33% in August from a yesr ago…. ECB really wants energy hyperinflation

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Stagflation Fears Cast Longer Shadow on Markets as Energy Surges

Rallying energy prices are stoking concerns about a challenging stagflation-like environment for markets, where elevated price pressures combine with a slowing economic recovery.Energy prices have soared as economies emerge from the pandemic. The Northern Hemisphere winter could exacerbate the trend, ratcheting up inflationary pressure and…

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The 1970s On Steroids: Dead Ahead?

If Jay hikes rates and inflation doesn’t subside, he’s likely going to have to deal with the biggest stock market panic since 1929 and a surge into gold not seen since the 1970s!

How inflation is hitting cost of everything…

  • Prices of goods online have now risen for an unprecedented 15 consecutive months, following what was a historical period of declines, according to a report from Adobe Digital Insights.
  • Inflation is hitting categories including pet products, nonprescription drugs, apparel, furniture and flower arrangements.
  • The changes mean e-commerce transactions are on pace to account for roughly $1 of every $5 spent by Americans, up from $1 of every $6 in 2017, Adobe said.
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Hedge Funds Are Shorting Bonds Again in Ill-Timed Inflation Bet

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